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Teezo Touchdown On His New Album and His Signature Nail-Embellished Hair

There’s no one like music artist Teezo Touchdown. This is apparent in everything he does, starting with the music he produces, which is a beautiful blend of genres like alternative and hip-hop (listen to songs “Strong Friend” and “Familiarity” for a small, delicious taste). After releasing singles like “Rock Paper Strippers” and features on both Tyler The Creator’s “RUNITUP” and Travis Scott’s “MODERN JAM,” Touchdown is releasing his debut album, How do you sleep at night? on September 8th. 

“I really wanted to show my range and penmanship,” the Beaumont, Texas-born artist explains to Vogue about the project that includes songs like “Familiarity” and “Mood Swings.” We’re in a Home Depot aisle in Manhattan and Touchdown is clad in shoulder pads and platform boots. He’s searching for the signature nails to adorn his next hair look. The current one? An awe-inspiring nail-infused mohawk.

Touchdown came up with the idea to put nails in his hair in 2018. “I always knew I wanted to look different,” he says. “When I came back to Texas, I really took the time to reflect and go within,” Touchdown says. “I was looking around my childhood home and there were a lot of nails lying around because my dad’s a handyman. And then I had the idea to put the nails on the brim of my hats and on my boots.” After he got signed, he went to see a hairstylist and asked about putting nails in his braids. His signature look made its debut in the video for his single “Strong Friend.” “I probably had about 10 nails in my hair for that. And from there, it just kept getting heavier and heavier,” Touchdown says.

To maintain this sharp hairstyle, Touchdown is a big proponent for wrapping up his hair every night. “This is my main responsibility when it comes to caring for my hair, because otherwise, my routine consists of running to get it done,” he says, adding that his hairstylist is Monique Avant. “It’s honestly something I dread, because I don’t want to sit there for a long time. Also, taking it down is painful… I’ve been tender-headed my whole life,” he says. Otherwise, he ensures to use his aloe vera plant, Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner, As I Am Smoothing Gel and “a boatload of nails,” to ensure the health and preferred look of his hair.



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