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'Tell Me Lies' Review: Hulu's Bad Romance Is Very Good

Typically, after five hours of episodes – halfway through the season, it’s probably not a good thing to do! —I still don’t quite understand what to make of Hulu Tell Me Lies lead actor Stephen (Jackson White). Here, though, it’s just proof that the show is doing exactly what it was supposed to.

The series will give him a heartbreaking reveal or a sincere moment to sweeten every time he starts tiptoeing toward the full-blown villain; every time he threatens to appear too nasty When someone likes it, it casually reminds him how ruthless he can be. The push and pull puts us in more or less the same situation as the protagonist Lucy (Grace Van Patten), who has spent years in his wiggling on the hook until she was finally able to set herself free – it was a keen understanding of the psychology that drives her core relationship that would tell me lies with any number of Steamy but doomed romantic dramas.

Tell Me Lies

Bottom Line More than a guilty pleasure.

Air Date: Wednesday, September 7 (Hulu)
actor: Grace Van Patten, Jackson White, Kathryn Misal, Spencer House, Sonia Mena, Brandon Cook, Benjamin Wadsworth, Alicia Crowder
2007creator: Meaghan Oppenheimer


by Meghan Oppenheimer, based on a novel by Carola Loughlin , The Lies You Tell Me starts to directly hint at where Lucy and Stephen’s affair is headed. Its premiere (directed by Jonathan Levine) opened at , and eight years later, the dynamic has become so toxic, Lucy herself Friends wonder if she’s capable of “stopping” down the entire Stephen rabbit hole on another couple’s big day – and if Lucy and Stephen’s faces as they meet each other on the lawn are any indication, they seem unlikely to resist returning It’s long to the old mode.

However, after showing us the future of Stephen and Lucy, the series takes us back there. The story begins with Lucy in 2007 First day at Baird College, during which senior Stephen denied her at a frat party, a scene that has been for years The restless arrivals. We didn’t get to their Christmas break until mid-season. More impatient viewers may be caught off-guard and run to Loughlin’s book for answers. But while the early episodes do contain some major blockbusters bombs (including sudden deaths), but Oppenheimer largely takes a frog-in-a-boiling-water approach to the rotting romance at the heart of the show. Harmfulness increases in barely noticeable increments until it’s too late Late.

Subtlety is achieved through a performance that incorporates the character’s idiosyncratic and often contradictory nature. White’s role as Stephen is more dazzling and has a devious intensity to back it up, but Van Patten’s combination of insecurities and self-determination makes Lucy the real key to the series. Around them, the show builds a cast that also refuses to be reduced to a simple archetype. Lucy’s attention may be caught by Stephen Attractive, but her quick friendships with roommates Pippa (Sonia Menor) and Brie (Katherine Misal) are intoxicating in themselves. Meanwhile, even Stephen’s silliest friend — a lover of parties The Athlete Wrigley (Spencer House) – also gets a show chapter to give him a new look.

If there’s one downside to the show’s overall take on the character, That’s when some subplots sit idle for hours at a time – occasionally, for so long, we’ve half forgotten about them. When they pop up again. For example, I don’t recall teasing Stephen’s family drama earlier, until His mom shows up in Chapter 5. Then again, it’s hard to complain about too much of the setup, which finally pays off with the unexpected appearance of Katie Sagar (White’s actual mother).

Probably the clearest portrait in the show is the culture surrounding all of these characters. It turns out that the show’s 2007 setting is more than just a lack of On ubiquitous blackberries, UGG boots and indie rock needles.Tell Me Lies takes the heterosexual hookup culture of the era while possessing an in-depth knowledge of its details and greater Time Wisdom. By Lucy, The criss-crossing journey of Pippa and Bree, the series captures how exhilarating or utterly liberating no-strings-attached sex can be for young women, and how cold and oppressive etiquette can be. Insist on keeping it casual may be.

The dialogue doesn’t always subtly state what it’s doing, and some omens might as well be spelled out in neon: “Someday someone will be so deep under your skin, he It’s going to rot in there,” one character told Lucy in the premiere, thus articulating the entire premise of the series. But a communication skill where writers can identify a certain spirit or expectation in a few sentences is enough to offset this. “Isn’t that tiring?” Bree asked Pippa in response to a rant about the importance of pretending not to care about the people they’re screwing up. “Yes,” Pippa admitted. “But that’s the way it is.”

Lucy and Stephen’s romance took root in this context, the story The lie told me told It was a young woman with no experience or awareness, unaware of how the cards were stacked on her, and a young man who knew exactly how to play them. Like all games, it looks fun. Even Stephen’s meanest barbs on his ex, Diana (Alicia Crowder), can and often are twisted into a sharp form of foreplay. Tell Me Lies marketing promises a super-sexy drama that offers traditionally attractive hardware thrown at each other in choreographed flattering half-naked dances fantasy. Sex may not always be great – sometimes, with more ignorant lovers, it can look downright creepy – but girl‘ warts and all the realism, it’s not.

However, the ambivalence woven into the fabric of Tell Me Lies makes it unacceptable for an all-around soapy smell. The lies told me are too subtle for a soapbox and too empathetic for a hand twist. At the same time, it is also clear about the ugly attitudes that mask these relationships, the personal decisions or shortcomings that allow them to blossom, and the damage they leave behind. It’s a real guilty pleasure—a juicy pleasure tempered by a reality that’s sharp enough that it gets a little stuck in the throat.



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