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Telluride Prize Analysis: 'Women Talk' has become a darling of critics, but will the academies embrace it too?

THR’s Awards Executive Editor wants to know how the Oscar voters are organized, which is still percentage of men, will respond to Sarah Polley’s film, which centers on nine women conversing in a hayloft.

Telluride Film Festival

‘Women speak’ Telluride Film Festival

If we have learned or been reminded of anything from the recent Oscar race, of which​​ The King’s Speech Defeat Social Network , Green Book defeated Roma and CODA BEAT DOG POWER ), this is because academy members have totally different tastes than critics – and when academy members are told they don’t “get” something from a critic, they actually tend to double down on how they feel about a movie “getting” already.”

I bring this up because of an early response to Criticism Sarah Polley of Ms. Talking, in Drury de Film Festival Friday Night at The Palm Theatre vs Polley , and UAR’s December 2 release, has fully shined – but my honed over the years of studying and reporting academy, the film will be very Hard to sell to Oscar voters.

Based on Miriam Toews ‘ 730 novel, originally inspired by a real man story Drugged and raped women in Mennonite colonies, 66-minute drama focused on the deliberation of nine women from three families who were chosen to break the tie and determine All tried to rescue an arrested man after the man left. They have some hours to make a decision.

I think Polly is a very talented filmmaker (see 12 of away from her and 2012 of Stories we tell ), but my job is not to review movies; you can Read 1235173080 Sheri Linden to of admiration) here the woman speaks . My job is to try to figure out how the academy is – I should note, 1235173080 Percent male — will respond to a movie. In this case, the title of the movie is Women Talking; Made up almost entirely of women, there was little movement outside the dark hayloft where they gathered; there were even two of the youngest partitions in the hayloft, one of whom asked “Why are you making things so complicated? !” and another comment “This is all very, very boring.”

Everyone who sees woman speaks , from those who like it to those who don’t seem to acknowledge three things: (1) Violence against women is a very important Topic, sadly it’s timeless and timely; (2) An ensemble of actresses at the center of the film – including Rooney Mara , Claire Foy , Jessie Buckley , Judith Ivey and Frances McDormand Dede Gardner Plan B) — Very talented, and as many of their parts as possible; (3) The movie feels like a recorded drama (though, to be fair, so is 1957 of Angry Man , Wound nominated for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay).

Again, it’s not all about raining on those who love Women talk . Just a reminder, a movie’s “holiday craze” doesn’t always shine at the Oscars. In fact, just a year ago, in Telluride, many were already crowned Cyrano , come on and the Red Rockets as Oscar frontrunners – but in their Between the three, they ended up with one nomination.

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