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Telluride: Sarah Polley brings 'intense' lesson to screen with 'Women Speak'

When Sarah Polley was at her20, just started shorting the movie , she gets a lot of advice from female directors she has worked with as an actress, such as Katherine Bigelow, Audrey Wells and Isabelle Cox. “These women caught me and said, ‘You’re doing this, that’s how fierce you have to be,'” Polly said at her Telluride Film Festival Friday. In the evening, before the first public screening of her new film, Women Talking Tribute to the Silver Medal. “Kathryn Bigelow said, ‘You have to be like a dog with a bone, and everyone’s going to try to take it away from you.'”

Women Talking , a co-artist film that will also be screened at next week’s Toronto International Film Festival ahead of its December 2 release in theaters, is Polly’s message Strong evidence heart to convey to others. Based on a 2006 novel by Canadian author Miriam Toews, inspired by a real 2006 ) in the event, the movie stars Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Jesse Buckley as women in the ultra-conservative Mennonite colony. Together they held a secret meeting to decide how to deal with being drugged and raped by some of their sect. Their day-long discussion in the hut — at times angry, poignant, even funny — feels as modern and thoughtful as any conversation about sexual violence and gender sparked by the #MeToo movement.

Francis Mac, who made the film and played a small role with Dede Gardner, at Polly’s Telluride Tribute Frances McDormand presented the writer-director with her medal. She jokingly mocked whoever bestowed knighthood and took to the stage with a massive cast of nine women, including Mara, Foy, Buckley, Judith Ivey, Sheila McCarthy, Michelle McLeod, August Winter, Kate Hallett and Liv McNeil.

Polly, who made her screen debut when she was 4 years old and Go, no action has been taken since 2006 ). “As a child actor, it wasn’t a great experience, and in some cases, quite distressing,” said Polly, who performed in Terry Gilliam 1235209974 The set wrote about her horrific experience. Movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen1235206807 In Her2006 essay collection, to danger . Once she starts directing, make movies like 2006’s away from her With Julie Christie, “Talking to the actors took the longest to figure it out. I have such self-awareness.”

But the process of making the woman talking , which was filmed in her summer in Toronto 2021 , Polly said, may have rekindled the interest in being in front of the screen. “Seeing the sense of community and collaboration [of these actresses] made me think, ‘Maybe one day,'” Polly said. She also said she said she had a special awareness of the scene experiences of child actresses in her films.

In Woman Talking , a title card appears that reads: “Next It’s the act of women’s imagination.” The line is both an assertion of the purpose of its female storytellers—Polly and Toyce—and a retelling of the phrase used to get the women of the colony to think about their sexuality The aggression, which occurred when they were drugged with livestock tranquilizers, was actually a visit by a demon. The film includes moments of intergenerational debate among women about how to respond to an attack, leave or fight back. “Want less,” an older woman said to a younger woman through advice. Women also want to know how to protect their children, men and women, from the culture that attackers have absorbed.

“The questions this book has raised for me have been with me for a long time,” Polly said, describing her relationship with Gardner and Gardner as the film took shape Conversation shared by McDormand. Women speak, she said, “It started with three women and said a lot. Fruitful, rich, challenging, beautiful conversations that changed who I am and how I live.”



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