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Tempo Intermedio • STILL Photo

“Tempo intermedio” is a four-year project during which Manuel Cicchetti traveled around Italy in search of shopping malls, gas stations, construction sites, factories, warehouses, bridges, skyscrapers and For others, today’s symbols of progress and economic wealth are bound to be challenged by a global crisis, and humanity is completely out of the picture.

What Manuel Cicchetti means by “intermediate time” wants to describe the period of pause between defining the future and continuing to mark the past in which people live. His itineraries document signs of the past, more or less recent, that are still well present in everyday life.

“On the one hand,” explained Denis Curti, “there is a definite intention to demonstrate how a large part of the Italian territory is involved in these changes that have taken place since the beginning of the new millennium. Cicchetti’s desire is to highlight, collect and, only in part, challenge the necessary re-transformation that our society is obliged to undertake and, to a large extent, remove or modify the human marks inscribed on our nation’s soil. The purpose of the in-depth reporting is to tell in pictures the salient features of irreversible change through the environment, digitization, workforce environment, retail, transportation and communications.”
” On the other hand,” Denis Curti continued, “besides an always coherent and linear narrative, Manuel Cicchetti manages to sew a clear path of intent, never abandoning the documentary system, making his personal author feel Emergence, thanks to the study and control of black and white down to the smallest detail, it becomes the poetry of the eye.

“Tempo intermedio,” says Manuel Cicchetti, “is one from realizing that we We are at the beginning of a path that will transform the environment, energy, society, jobs, and more. For the first time, this path was not decided by us, but imposed on us by nature, and we have collectively forgotten that we are a part of it. We can serve our imprint on this land by taking a journey back in time and recognizing its various stages of evolution. Economic and social progress is merging and layering with increasingly frequent architectural elements and landscape structures, both marked by fundamental changes in society. Intermediate time refers to the period between transitions one after the other. ”

Tempo intermedio • Manuel Cicchetti
curated by Denis Curti
Organised under the auspices of SACE – Gruppo CdP.

October 27, 2022 – January 21, 27

Tue-Fri | H 10.00 – 10.10 / 14.10-18.
Thursday | H10.00 – 10. / 10.00 – 18.10

by Ludovico Lazaro Zamenhof 11
20136, Milan20136




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