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Ten Studio Resort 2024

Teurn Studios has grown quietly and quickly, with Anna Teurnell giving up her second job and moving the business from her apartment to a new job in Stockholm city / retail space. There, light pours in from large windows, illuminating the shelves that hang the designer’s delightful designs. The buzz around “quiet luxury” reveals the collective “sweet tooth” the brand is known for for its clean lines and tactile designs.

“You called [the last] collection a bit of candy minimalism, and I totally agree,” the designer said on the phone. “I use the word caramel to mean beige and brown. I love that combination when you do something more minimalistic and then add something fun, sometimes happy, sometimes candy.” Think about it, too The ruffled drawstring necklines on a confection bonded leather maxi dress and black licorice gown in the same material looked a bit like the twisted ends of candy wrappers.

Teurnell’s holy grail – “Comfortable Elegance” throughout. Gray melange pieces emphasized the former and added a sporty element to the collection. (Inadvertently, they harken back to Norma Kamali’s innovations in bringing sportswear to ready-to-wear.) Even more refined were beige pantsuits that were perfectly tailored, with elegant hems and cool shoes. At Teurn Studio, accessories are “sour” with sweetness. Here you can find stunning pieces, shoes or belts to add to what you already have; like the Swedish tradition of pick and mix confectionery, the choice is based on your own taste.



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