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Tetsuya Tsutsui's Neeting Life manga ends

Shueisha is Extend! The app and the website released the last song of Tetsuya Tsutsui at the same time. Chapter ‘s Neeting Life Tuesday comic.

The story of the manga tells the story of a humble salaryman named Kentaro Komori who starts what he thinks is is an ideal lifestyle. Epidemics, or “NEETING LIFE” (NEET stands for Not Participated in Education, Employment, or Training). He pitched a tent in his apartment, took everything he needed, and started living behind closed doors.

Tsutsui has launched a manga on YanJan! app and December

website 2022. Shueisha published the first volume of the manga 2022 in August, The second volume will be published in March.

Tsutsui fired noise Manga in December2017 , and ends in January 2020. Shueisha published the third and final volume of the manga in March 193537. The manga inspired a live-action movie, which opened in Japan in January 2022.

Tsutsui presents () from Shueisha) magazine 17, and It ends in August 17. Shueisha has published three manga collections. Vertical published all three volumes. Fumio Obata launched a new product called The spin-off comics in April 2013 and end with 2013. The manga also received three volumes. Inspired the live-action movie to be released in Japan in June.

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