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Teurn Studios Stockholm Fall 2022

Ann Teurnell in her fashion career for 21 years last year launched its own brand. Like many designers, she was inspired in some way by what she wanted to wear. Yes, her clothes are grown up, but more importantly they are somewhat masked. Teurell joked that at a party she attended recently, she had more fabric on her than the rest of the crowd combined. “I feel great,” she said. “I like to look good, [and] dress up (see lined lace dresses), and then I add a sexy stiletto or something like that.” In her fall series, she revisits her best-selling diamond boots and presents a snowman-like slideshow.

Teurnell has created a very textured collection this season, designed with smart and comfortable options. Finger-reachable fleece is cut into ponchos; bespoke pieces are a bit too big. An ivory shearling jacket is outstanding. News is a necessary shot of color, burgundy and pink. The designer is based in Stockholm, where color can be therapeutic and cheery during long, dark winters. While Tuernell said her collection was “a bit “Scandinavian” in its functionality, she was also influenced by

of American sportswear. From the likes of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. “I’ve been to America, but it’s a dream in my head,” the designer shared, adding that she is in Something “somewhat functional yet sexy” is found in some American styles; here you can dress like a man but look very effortless and elegant. “Teurnell has taken up the banner of clean, minimal style, and that’s cause for celebration.


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