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Texas A&M shunned and dumped by a 5-star RB recruit after Appalachian State loss

Louisville five-star running back, Texas native Rueben Owens is one of America’s most popular recruits. The nation’s No. 1 running back lined up to visit the Texas A&M, before the Aggies were handed the silver platter from Appalachia.

Owens was more likely to watch that game and had to clear the air after the Aggie Report posted on their Instagram of the loss Owens was visiting :

First off, lol. Simply put, lol. It feels like that moment in NCAA Dynasty 14 mode where you have recruits who want to visit college, but then you simulate and you lose to New Mexico and they don’t want to visit anymore.

The second funniest part is when Owens shared the Aggie Report post on his own Instagram Story and simply said, “I won’t be going again.” No “please respect my decision”, no. Do you want respect? Make a better offense.

Of course, the bigger problem is that A&M might miss an opportunity because they can’t get past the midfield offensively. That should be up to the head coach, but Kimber Fisher Er’s contract may really be written in steel, so his seat is icy.

Maybe Owens can visit Appalachia, considering both Owens and the climbers are good at avoiding the Aggies.



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