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Thakoon Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

New York Fashion Week answers the same questions every year There are different. What will the silhouette be this season? Who are the breakthrough designers? Does the skirt point to a recession? Thakoon Panichgul doesn’t focus on providing up-to-date answers, but on perfecting his “female tomboy” perspective. “For me, I’m more focused than ever,” he said. “I think it’s the honing of the silhouette, the production and the sensibility, not too much variation.”

I wonder what that feels like Like being a designer, have a mindset of improving what’s already in your work rather than trying to add something new. “It’s refreshing because I’ve always been a product guy. In any other creative industry, whether it’s cars or furniture, you need to improve it and make it better and better,” he said. “There’s no need to deviate from last season’s freshness over and over again.”

Given the framing, this season’s clothes feel great Open to a wide range of clients and not add to the Thakoon woman’s wardrobe. Striped shirts, baggy shorts, suspenders and dresses can be incorporated into what Thakoon showcased after the 2019 relaunch of the brand in any series). But he introduced a quilted striped jacket (or maybe reintroduced is a better term as similar styles emerge in his first collection), bandanas, and a cool top and dress with bows and cutouts in the front. Turns out there are countless ways to transform cotton poplin.


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