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Thank God, Aidan is returning for Season 2 of “That's it…”

It feels almost there Years since the last episode of , like that …,Sex and the City reboot brings us brand new street style to come Analysis, endless Steve reflections, and of course Chediaz, but really, only six months have passed. how? how can that be?

Luckily, there is news, and that’s it…

Universe today, reminding us that the second season is coming. This is just news for the real ‘should be with Carrie’, I must warn: On Thursday, actor John Corbett will reportedly reprise the role of Carrie’s ex-fiancé Aidan Shaw when the show returns .

While the cast may sound like a last-minute shuffle that makes the audience forget about Mr. Big, it’s actually been from there It’s been in the works since last year – kind of like. “I’m going to do this show,” Corbett told the New York Post in April , adding, “I think I’ll probably be in a lot of [episodes].” It turned out to be a well-crafted joke from SJP, but even after absolutely zero episodes in season one, Aidan There’s no reason it couldn’t show up in time to save the day (and steal Carrie’s heart) season 2.

Now, it’s all fine, fine, but… when will Berger be back? When will we truly understand the “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me” post-it note? Curious people want to know!




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