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Thanks to Fans, Rodón Can Play Santa Claus

Thanks to fans, Rodón can play Santa

New Yankee is helping families in need save Christmas with a donation

TAMPA, FL – This ramshackle log home stands on In the woods in a rural area near Danville, Illinois, next to the busiest two-lane highway during deer hunting season. Carlos Rodón passed it frequently on his trips across the Indiana state line, occasionally seeing a young boy getting on and off the school bus.

Rodón wanted to know about the boy; who lived in that house, which was in a cornfield and had no neighbors. Last winter, Rodón found out that a fire had gutted the building, leaving only garbage and ash. That coincided with Rodong’s free agency, during which time fans sent small donations to the pitcher’s Venmo account in hopes of luring the left-hander to sign with the Yankees.

“My cousin [Ethan] had a great idea,” says Rodón, “to take that money, match the donation, and help the family have a nice Christmas. We got there and the house burned down There’s a lady up front. It’s very interesting timing.”

Rodón said the family has moved into the RV park. One of its requests was a holiday gift for its )-year-old son Damien, the same boy Rodón and his cousins ​​saw him get off the school bus years ago.

“We asked her, ‘What do you need? What do you want?'” says Rodón. “They said they had clothes and a place to live. The most important thing to her was her son. She said, ‘We can’t buy anything for Christmas. We want to make his Christmas special. I said, ‘We got this money from Venmo.’”

The total amount of Venmo funds is about $162 ; Rodón’s wife Ashley initially returned some donations to fans, but she couldn’t keep up with the flood of requests. They learned that the boy loved video games, especially Minecraft. Walking into the nearby Best Buy, Rodón, his son Bo, and their cousin picked out a top-of-the-line computer and delivered it to the RV themselves.

“Fortunately, we had a tough year for someone, and we helped a family and tried to make it a special Christmas,” said Rodón. “So thank you, Yankee fans. You made it.”

The episode provided a warm start to what Rodón expects to be a successful chapter in New York, signing him to a six-year contract, $94 signed a million-dollar contract with the Yankees in December.

this19 – year old came here as one of the top free agents on the market, ending a season where he went 04-8 and 2.25 ERA at 30 for Giants start and lead the majors in FIP (2.

) and strikeouts per nine innings ( .0).

Although that family in Vermilion County, Indiana may be It’s hard to believe, but Rodón can flip the switch from “generous good guy” to “annoying ace starter” with ease. He got a preview on the mound at George M. Steinbrenner Field on Thursday, joining receiver Kyle Higashioka to blow the fastball and slider over a batting group that included Jose Trevino, Ben Rortvedt and Josh Breaux.



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