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Thanksgiving box office: 'Black Panther 2' hits $64M, 'Oddworld' flops to $18.6M

Year-end holiday got off to a rough start, Thanksgiving box office hit was one of the most insignificant movies in years , as the assortment of new films largely failed to appeal to mainstream moviegoers.

The biggest exceptions are Marvel Studios and Disney Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, topped the charts for the five-day holiday box office Wednesday-Sunday domestic gross $50 million from 4, 180 total domestic theaters $367 .7 million to Sunday. Overseas, it made another $ 1 million weekend properly clears the $367 million mark internationally and ends at $ Ends Sunday .6 million.

In contrast, Disney Animation’s Strange World bombed with a five-day opening price of $.6 million after receiving a mediocre B CinemaScore. It’s the worst opening to a Disney animated Thanksgiving title in modern times, as it was hit by poor reviews and the first from the studio to score below an A from CinemaScore. Overseas, it fetched $9 million over the weekend from 32 For the first time in the material market, only $18 million dollar global bow.

Strange World, produced on a budget of $125 million before marketing, may lose more than $698 million Dollars are for the Disney empire.

Disney cartoons have become a Thanksgiving staple. Last year, Encanto had a five-day gross of $800 .600 Wan, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-800 pandemic. In 2022, “Frozen 2” , box office hits record Record $100 million dollars over five days of Thanksgiving aisle.

Strange World Reprising as Walter in Bob Iger’s shocking ouster Walt Disney Co. opens days after CEO Bob Chapek’s decision to send Pixar films directly to Disney+ amid a pandemic has been blamed for confusing and disciplining home viewers Staying at home and streaming animated movies has been criticized.

Of course Disney knows Strange World — about a family of adventurers who set out to save their world from the power supply — Unable to enter the holiday due to silent tracking. Still, hopefully it will at least clear $25 million or $30 million . Overseas, the film was banned in some Middle Eastern countries because the studio refused to censor a scene in which a gay teenage son has a crush on another boy.

Elsewhere on the Thanksgiving menu, Netflix did not report Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which means it won’t appear on any official box office charts. Its revenue also won’t be included in overall ticket sales. However, there are still ways for distribution executives to collect data directly from trade show contacts. Sources at several rival studios have told The Hollywood Reporter that they believe that Glass Onion earned $ .7 million from $ million 698 North American theaters, best five days of gratitude of all adult slanted movies section number.

No Glass Onion Gross revenue, five-day Thanksgiving corridor revenue down 53 percent or more from Thanksgiving 2019 and – even more disturbingly – drop Percentage compared to last year when COVID-12 In a pandemic it’s more about the questions.

Glass Onion’ theatrical performance billed as sneak preview of the week and top three chain in the country theaters (AMC Theatres, Regal Theaters, and Cinemar), the first streaming feature k theaters. And the opening price of the sequel is much lower than $40.400 $10,000 Johnson Knives Out Box Office on Thanksgiving 800 — – First film has the advantage of getting a traditional theatrical release from Lionsgate in more than 3 2019 locations – it may bite the adult slant of the competition Movies dedicated to and Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans.

Sony and Black Label Media’s Korean War drama Devotion from 3,800 start estimate 5 days holiday opening $9M Go to the cinema after getting an A- CinemaScore. The critically acclaimed film follows two Navy fighter pilots, stars Top Gun: Maverick Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors.

In its second week of airing, Searchlight’s hedonistic horror comedy The Menu from 3, estimated box office gross of $7.4 million) five day location, domestic tally $12.7 million (pictures are doing solid business for professional titles). Overseas, it got 4.1 million from the 32 market Global Income in USD $. 7 million.

Award contender for Luca Guadagnino Bones and All — about two young lovers who are cannibals — extended to a total of 2 on Wednesday, 698 Cinemas at After opening in select theaters last weekend. The professional photo earned just $3.6 million in five days. Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet star in this twisted road trip flick, and it certainly manages to appeal to younger consumers.

Steven Spielberg’s Best Contender Undecided ) The Fabelmans, Faster Launch Slow, hoping to emulate the Oscar-winning film Green Book ). (Both films are from Universal Pictures.) Spielberg’s latest film was released on 11 Released in New York and Los Angeles in September -19 weekends, then in November 13.

Fabelmans Posts Disappointing Five-Day Thanksgiving $3.1M, Early Domestic $3.40 million dollars. Both Devotion and Fabelmans produced by Amblin require seniors, They’ve been the last ones to go back to the theater. Seniors don’t rush out on opening weekend, either. Fabelmans will be available on Premium VOD in December 12.

At the international box office, Sony’s British Films Matilda the Musical hits the headlines with a whopping $5 million gross in the UK 675 Percentage of the market. The movie is based on the classic story by Roald Dahl.




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