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Thanksgiving table setting tips from some of Vogue's favorite fashionistas

“We love linens because they’re great for layering and make a really nice base for your tablescape. Think: a neutral tablecloth with colored napkins, or a Linen tablecloths with jute placemats for added texture.” -Sarah Pecaut, Co-Founder, Misette

Bedroom fully covered toilet, or a nice sheath dress and a matching coat. If you feel the same way, can I recommend a monochromatic moment for this year’s Thanksgiving table? Pick a color, then play with shades, prints and textures in your choice of linens, china and flowers.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of orange, with gingham linen checks in different sizes, striped water and wine glasses by Isabel Halley, and lots of Calendula. ” – Todd Heim, Founder, Chez Diane

Personally, I still like tablecloths, despite the look they may have It’s old-fashioned, but it doesn’t have to be fancy. My favorite technique is to use large pieces of plain linen. It’s a great way to add texture.” -Robin Standefer, Co-Founder of Roman and Williams

“Don’t be afraid to bring in unexpected colors: this year I’ll be adding color to our Thanksgiving table Put on an all-American classic: denim. A beautiful denim tablecloth can exude a down-to-earth elegance that feels fresh and chic when paired with decorative plates and crisp napkins. Our uncle Hubert de Givenchy de Givenchy) know how to use denim and this high/low pairing to great effect. I’ll be pairing mine with a basket of yellow and burnt orange fall leaves and using my favorite ocher French eight Angled faience dishes on a table.” -Zoë de Givenchy, founder ZdG

“When I set the table, the first thing I think about is layering. From your tablecloth to your linens, from your plates to your glassware, it creates the story through layers, making everything Different. Then, use the theme and colors to add texture, but try to stay true to your chosen palette.” -Alice Naylor-Leyland, Mrs. Alice

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