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'That's It…' Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Hudson Yards Hookup, Ralph Lauren Street Style, and Meta Che Hate

This week’s “ Just Like This…” is half really good and half totally boring, but those two parts are kind of Vitamixed together , rather than cleanly separable. I love the Ralph Lauren modeling gig at Rock, Carrie’s back there on a date, but I’m sooooooo about the Che and Miranda plot, and as usual, Lisa gets the cold shoulder. Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

  • Again, I’m intrigued by Che and Miranda.
  • To be fair, I think they probably are, too.
  • Miranda’s morning ride from Che’s apartment in Hudson Yards on number 7 was grim .
  • I thought Brady was in college. why is he at home The pumpkin pancakes they make indicate it’s October.
  • Carrie dresses up as Helen Gurley Brown for Halloween, another attempt at fleshing out her new Socially Conscious Identity (First introduced when she met Gloria Steinem last week), it’s weird.
  • Charlotte and Harry dressed as couple from () Americans are very iconic.
  • There are four more girls in town! Sure, Charlotte and Samantha weren’t there, but… four more girls in town!
  • Oh no, Anthony met a guy he had a crush on at the gym and he actually had a wife.
  • oh my god Chris Jackson wearing a powdered wig triggers my Hamilton nightmare.
  • Locke was discovered by a model agent? ! I told you they were well dressed.
  • Omg this is for Ralph Lauren.
  • The way Locke made their mother proud! Still, I kind of like it.
  • “The last time I went to a bar to meet a guy, my phone was folded,” is a perfect Carrie line.
  • Seema met a man! In the bar! He stands for gin!
  • Dude, penis pump? What is this, Austin Powers?
  • Well, this is just another sign of Miranda and Che’s incompatibility, they are in Going to bed at such different times – and, when you and your partner have different sleep schedules, it’s is hard!
  • A guy who swerves to avoid Carrie on the bike lane and crashes triggers my underlying fear of city bikes, which I love do, so I skipped this scene. Still, I thought it was a cute meet?
  • That’s… the husband of Mariska Hargitay, aka Hair Rock?
  • Well, we’ve established that he’s not gay, and he’s in tech, so he’s officially Be Carrie’s love interest.
  • Shouldn’t Aidan be back this season? Where’s Aidan, man?
  • LMAO, I forgot Charlotte was a teenage model.
  • My standards should be higher, but it’s nice to see Charlotte and Harry seamlessly using their kids’ correct names and pronouns .
  • Haha, Nia seamlessly switched from post-sex gossip mode to professor scare mode.
  • Oh shit, the guy in the bike accident is rich. Share the wealth, Carrie!
  • Carrie makes out on the couch with the rich bike accident guy! scores , as they say (or do in ).
  • Oh shit, his annoying business partner ruined things.
  • Oh Rock brought Charlotte (in head to toe vintage Ralph) to their shoot because they’re a good boy .
  • LMAO, Harry sneaked in with his wig, a sweatshirt, and a kinky look, but photography The teacher told him to go away.
  • is not yuan cut criticism! ! ! ! ! !
  • I’d say it’s a little ungenerous for the show to portray chee criticism so subtly.
  • Carrie hooks up with rich bike accident guy again but he gets yelled at by his business partner again for forgetting to post something yell. Get out of there, Carrie!
  • Carrie brilliantly took my advice and got out of there, eventually slipping out of his house and down the street.
  • So, they literally end every episode with “Just like that…”, huh?
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