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“That's it…” The boss left a secret

Aiden and Samantha’s return was spoiled, but Michael Patrick King was determined to keep Miranda and Che’s relationship a secret.

Cynthia Nixon and Sara Ramirez

Cynthia Nixon and Sara Ramirez in Season 2 of “This Is It”. Craig Brackenhorn/Max

[This story contains some spoilers from This is it … Season 2 Episode 6. ]

Michael Patrick King in front of his Sex and city

just one request update, and that’s it…, returns for season 2: Please don’t spoil the cut/Miranda storyline.

By late June, when the season premiered, Kim had accepted other major plot reveals, namely Kim Cattrall’s return as Samantha and John Corbett’s Aidan . But he’s desperate for viewers to see the relationship between Sara Ramirez’s Che and Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda unravel organically. “I really wanted to surprise people,” he said at the time.

In fact, that’s the just like that… The goal of the writer’s room. “We tried really hard to give the audience a positive look at Miranda and Che,” he explained during a chat in June. “Like, ‘Oh, that sounds like the smell of a breakup. Ah, they’re back together. Oh wait, this isn’t going to work. Hang in there, eh?” But at the end of episode six, Miranda arrives at her non-binary stand-up partner’s New York apartment, and they say to her, “From where we’re at, things probably won’t get better,” to which Miranda replies: “Yeah. It’s not.” It ends with the two getting dressed and embracing each other in bed, acknowledging that their relationship has come to an end.

Of course, just because the relationship is over, doesn’t mean the character needs to go away. As King is quick to point out, Che was introduced through Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Max series pilot episode, when they were working on a podcast with Carrie. “Che was initially Miranda’s chosen character on her journey, which is interesting because every character that appears on the show pushes the other forward, backward, or forward,” the showrunners say. He felt, given the many other new characters they were writing for, how much he and his writers were able to flesh out the character in season one, let alone the core female trio — Carrie, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda ] audiences are eager to meet and spend time with. Cutting so splitting at the start is immediately frustrating, but not particularly surprising. In a way, season two is an opportunity to change that perception.

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to come back and make them more three-dimensional and human,” King said, before adding: “So, there are a lot of reasons for someone to stay on the show, ‘Oh, their love interest faded out.'” “

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