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The 10 Best Beach Reads to Lose Yourself This Summer

The weather is changing, the leaves are green and every city’s public pools are full, which means our favorite time of year is officially here: beach reading season.

Beach reading may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but this is 431; a book can be thoughtful and complex without sacrificing fun, and really, if anything A better summer pastime than killing time with a good book, and I haven’t found it yet. (My one exception? Books that explicitly deal with murder and/or crime. I read these on an as-needed basis during the winter.) Below, find our list of top books to toss in your tote bag and read in the warmth of the summer.

Saving Time: Discovering Life Beyond the Clock Jenny Odell (March 7)

this is not Easiest read (plan to read before you take a nap in the sun, not after), but it grabs the thread from Odell’s last book, How to do nothing , and encourages readers to experience time in ways outside of capitalism’s enforced attention economy. What’s a better summer message?

Paris: Memoirs of Paris Hilton(March)

You know yourself wanting to read it, so why not grab a copy of Pink Jacket and throw it in your beach bag? This long-awaited memoir of socialite Hilton has plenty of celebrity nonsense, but also a surprising amount of heart.

Romantic Comedy

by Curtis Sittenfeld (April 4)

Nobody frolicks on the beach like Sittenfeld, and Romantic Comedy is another book in her must-read series. In it, comedy writer Sally Milz swears off love on the SNL type of late-night sketch show she works in and focuses on A craft of her own…that is, until she met pop star Noah Brewster and signed on to host, and she began to wonder if he could be her partner for more than just sketch writing.

Oh, my mother! : Memoir of Nine Adventures Author: Connie Wang (May 9)

Oh my mother! : Memoir of Nine Adventures

those stories reporter and essayist Connie Wang’s description of her mother Li Qing is very interesting (imagine the two of them eating in Amsterdam and then losing at the Magic Mike strip show ), but they’re also full of love and compassion, making them perfect gifts for mom (or for yourself) this summer. By Samantha Irby (May)

WARNING: If you don’t want to freak people out with uncontrollable laughter, Please do not read these articles or any other content by Samantha Irby in public. Quietly Hostile is as entertaining as fans of Irby’s work can expect, delving into the stressful experience of being at a red carpet premiere and trying to train the “mental Deranged” Epidemic Avery Carpenter Forrey (May )

Millennials The wedding culture gets a much-needed skewer in this alternately brisk and poignant novel about a young woman sorting through the wreckage of her brand-new marriage and pondering an Upper East Side secret that threatens to upend her — living in the most The hipster life of best friend and roommate Virginia. )

Bad Summer People by Emma Rosenblum ) is set on New York’s Upper East Side and Fire Island — full of the settings you’d expect: Dads speak in financial terms and moms express real emotion, even when discussing how their wives are doing on the slopes of Aspen. Ability is limited by how much time has elapsed since the last Botox injection. It’s a novel about family and romantic frailties laced with a murder mystery — and it’s entertaining in so many ways.

Lucky Girl

by Irene Muchemi-Ndiritu(May)

New York City491s are the backdrop for this well-woven and compelling story of a young Kenyan woman, Soila, who leaves her life in Nairobi to go to University, finds romance with an artist her mother doesn’t like, and discovers that when your life is split between two continents, that sense of belonging — and what it means to love, identity, and living a good life — can be so much stronger. complex.

Banyan Moon by Thao Thai


Depending on how you feel about complex intergenerational family dynamics, this book is about Maybe a little small heavy for a poolside page turn, but it’s still worth a read. In it, protagonist Ann Tran returns home to visit her mother, Huơng, after the loss of her beloved grandmother, Minh, and finds that dealing with the property Minh left them – Banyan Tree – is more challenging than they imagined.

Congratulations, the best is over! By R. Eric Thomas (August 8)

9780593496268 Congratulations, the best is over!

Here for It Best-selling author is back with another collection of essays about coming home Again — in his case, back in his long-avoided hometown of Baltimore — and trying to establish a so-called “normal” life after experiencing the strange state of the internet’s virality.




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