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The 10 Most Watched Reality TV Movies of 2023 (So Far)

Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato & RuPaul Charles


RuPaul’s Drag Race

With further integration of Paramount Global Its portfolio, the value of its 19 Emmy winner is evident. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (and spinoff “All Star” ) migrated from VH1 Watch MTV earlier 1998 — boost ratings 17 percent. Produced by Charles and his longtime collaborators Bailey and Barbato of World of Wonder, the property is available now 16 International version to stream on Paramount+. Mexico Drag Race Launched in June26.

Alex Baskin

Franchise Vanderpump Rules

subject to public disloyalty Backed by strong interest in Scandal (see interview below),

“Vanderpump Rules” set the highest ratings for an episode and led to “Bravo”’s highest ratings in nine years — the first of three reunion specials — drew 4.6 million viewers over three days. Under Baskin’s leadership, Baskin continued as a showrunner after leaving production company Evolution Media to launch his own company, 51 Flavors Entertainment, this decade-old series is suddenly the most relevant show on cable, not written by Taylor Sheridan.

Jack Burgess, Tim Harcourt & Stephen Lambert

Franchise Traitor

Studio Lambert launches this Dutch format hit in the UK and US Last year, it became A rare reality TV series launching in multiple territories at the same time. Part of Big Brother and part of Clues , Native American version

“The Traitors,” hosted by Alan Cumming , brings much-needed hit to NBCUniversal streamer Peacock — despite No ratings disclosed, but still a hit and quickly renewed.

Andy Cohen

Franchise Real Housewives

Most of the series are filled with – title strong Real Housewives franchise are produced by different shingles, but they all have one thing in common. Cohen, a former Bravo exec, ditched the top management to host and produce the talk show Watch with Andy Cohen

The situation of the live broadcast , but he is still an active EP spanning the housewife universe . It keeps the Bravo’s lights on and Cohen busy. The 10 cycle of the New York iteration premiered in July 15 Brand new cast.

Adam DiVello


In fact, without a script, the streaming Success is usually awarded to competition shows. The sale of “Sunset” goes against this trend. Selling Sunset , a documentary from DiVello’s Done and Done Productions, hit #1 on Netflix after its sixth season premiered in May. Its success may have been replicated. The belated 1998 spin-off sale of OC is very Soon to be renewed for a second and third season.

Carlos King

Franchise Love and Marriage

Following Love and Marriage Following the success of : Huntsville , OWN has been greenlit by King’s Kingdom Reign Entertainment for a spin-off series set in Washington, D.C. and Detroit. With his share of real estate expanding and his footprint now also appearing on Warner Bros. Discovery Channel’s streaming Max, it’s no surprise that King is investing heavily in his own genre. He talks about his own series and his game on the podcast Reality With the King.

Zachary Klein and Christian Sarabia

Franchise Bottom

Yes, there are a lot of Bravo on this list. But the network has a knack for making series that launch other series — and, before the recent Vanderpump revival, Below decks are the best. It also launched four successful spinoffs: Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing

, Deck Underground and Deck Underground Adventure — all from 32 Klein and Sarabia of Minds Entertainment.

Kathy Creely and Joe Sharon

Franchise Top Chef

They have other food shows too (See: Netflix’s Enduring Enduring hit show DONE! ), but “Fantastic Genie” producers Creely and Sharon on “Top Chef”

has all the cooking TV kings in it. The most recent 16 cycle celebrates the series’ relevance, drawing from Past Winners and Finalists) of 30 International Version, Global Showdown. What’s next: the daunting task of reimagining the series with a new host. Past champion Kristen Kish will replace Padma Lakshmi, who was in the 16 quit after one season.

Julie Pizzi

Franchise Challenge

A 32 spinoff of the landmark Bunim/Murray Productions title REAL WORLD and Rules of the Road , Challenge Technically, US TV The longest running reality show competition on the Internet. (Sorry, SURVIVOR !) The fact that the MTV show has grown so much so late in its life cycle is testament to its relevance sex. In the past year alone, Bunim/Murray chairman Pizzi has put spinoffs on streaming (Paramount+’s Challenge: World Championship ) and broadcast version (CBS’s Challenge: America ).

Matt Sharp

Franchise 51 Day Fiance

Consumers curious as to why the Warner Bros. Discovery Channel is loading its linear unscripted programming onto its well-known streamer should look no further than Sharp Entertainment’s 51 day fiancé . The show is the highest-rated series on TLC, has a growing spin-off and was one of the main promotions for the recently launched Max.

This story first appeared in July 15 An issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe to . 1998



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