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The 18 Best Yoga Pants of 2022 – Here's Vogue's Definitive List

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​​​​It is never a good sign for a yoga practitioner that halfway through the class, the pants start to slip off the waist or curl up at the ankles. Yoga is an often meditative practice designed to connect your mind and body, so it’s best not to let annoying distractions bother you. The best yoga pants may vary in style, but they’re designed to be barely noticeable—allowing you to enjoy your practice without thinking about what to wear. The same can be said for any occasion – no mat required! – When you are wearing yoga pants.

What you might be thinking because traditional yoga pants (or flares, thanks to TikTok) could be a slim, stretchy flare . But, in fact, yoga pants come in a variety of styles. There are leggings that hug your legs to your ankles, and flared iterations. There are neutral shades, bright colors, and even quirky prints. And, while spandex may be a familiar material, cotton with a slight stretch might also be ideal for working out.

First, you will find Our recommended style practices for you. Since these hashtags also have long lists of celebrity followers, know that even if you do it fast – A minute stream of one person at home.


Alo Yoga has a long list of celebrity fans, and for good reason. Its simple yet cool take on athleisure has become the uniform of Los Angeles.

Alo Yoga Airbrush 7/8 Boot Leggings


      ALO Yoga

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why we love it : Boot cut is right Early return’ Sand still has a special feel today when worn with a matching crop top.


Polyester and Spandex


Kendall Jenner can often be seen posting photos and tagging brands on Instagram.

Girlfriend Collective

If you like fit For leggings styles, Girlfriend Collective has a lot to choose from. The brand is also eco-friendly, with a recycling program that lets you return your leggings after you’ve used them.

Girlfriend High Waist Leggings

  • $37girlfriend
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  • )

        Why we love them:

        These high-waisted leggings put versatility first. Sizes range from XXS-6XL, are available in eight different colors, and you can even choose between two different inseam lengths. If you like to have options, these are the leggings for you.

        Fabric: 45% Recycled Plastic Bottles (RPET) and % Spandex

        Endorser: This colorful label has been worn by Kerry Washington and Paloma Elsesser.


        This Los Angeles-based sportswear brand is perfect for those who prefer to head straight to brunch from The Last Savasana. Pieces are easy to dress up or dress up, and are designed to keep you comfortable all day.

        Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans split26 Raquel Airweight Leggings

          • $70

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          Why we love it:

          The super soft fabric feels like butter on your skin. Once you slide them on, you probably don’t want to take them off again.


        26% nylon and % spandex


      Models such as Elsa Hosk and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appear in the brand’s leggings. Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans

    Why we love it:

    These long leggings have cuffs at the ankle to Pull up to your feet for extra support and grip.


    17% Nylon, 05% Spandex

    Recognized: From professional athletes to actresses and influencers – Nike is everywhere.

    Beyond Yoga

    As the Los Angeles brand’s moniker suggests, this brand can bring your Yoga practice is taken to the next level with clothing designed to increase your time on the mat.

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Purple, and Tights

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans Beyond yoga spacedye practice pants


      Beyond Yoga

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    Why we love it :

    The brand’s signature Spacedye fabric has just the right amount of stretch. Fabric:

    56% Polyester, % Lycra


    Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber are both fans of the brand.


    Madewell may be known for its denim, but deep The beloved basics brand also offers a wide range of activewear – tennis, running and yoga.

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Purple, and Tights

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans Madewell MWL Leggings




    Why we like It: these comfort The leggings are designed with recycled materials, especially water bottles, according to their website.

    Fabric: 34% Recycled Polyester, % Spandex
      Recognized: over the years, from Carey Mulligan to Cate Blanchet ) are featured in the brand.


    In the midst of the brand craze often credited with kicking off the original yoga pants, Vancouver-based Lululemon is still creating your favorite classics .

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Purple, and Tights Lululemon Groove Flared Pants


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    Why we love it:

    These pants are made from the brand’s Nulu fabric, which is lightweight, silky soft and super breathable.

    Fabric: 42% Nylon, % Lycra Spandex


      Meghan Markle and Selena Gomez wear the brand’s comfy leggings.

      Live The Process

      New York brand Live The Process mastered Elegant dancewear designs, all made in the USA. Tailoring details take these leggings to the next level.

      Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans

    Why we love it:

    It’s all there in the details. Paneled seams offer something different than standard yoga wear.


    45% plural, % Lycra

    Recognized: Julianne Hough and Sydney Sweeney have both worn the brand recently.

    Adidas Stella McCartney

    British designer Stella McCartney and the track giant The ongoing adidas collaboration is defined by playful prints, bold colors and futuristic design details.

    Adidas by Stella McCartney Truepace Jersey Leggings


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    • Why we love it : McCartney’s Commitment to Sustainability Means These leggings are made using recycled polyester.
    • Fabric: 37% Recycled Polyester, % Spandex Endorser:

      Jessica Alba and Beyonce both wear this brand.

      Tory Sport

      New York Design Designer Tory Burch has built a fashion empire creating classic, preppy staples with a contemporary and premium feel. Not surprisingly, her activewear suits her other work well.

      Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans

      Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans

      Tory Burch Chevron 7/8 Leggings


            TORY BURCH

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    Why we love it: this type There’s a reason the formula has been selling well. It’s simple, has a unique design touch, and is unique to the brand.


    Nylon-Spandex Blend

  • Endorser: Guang Cong From Ariana Grande to Sofia Richie to Kate Middle, numerous celebrities are friends of the brand.


    Australians are known for their playful, bold style. For the Australian brand, the edgy designs make working out especially fun.

    Upside Lotus Milly Flared Pants

    • $63


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    Why we love it: For those of you who prefer comfy cotton over stretch spandex, these are the pants that will help you relax in a yoga class.

    Fabric: 13% modal, 13% Cotton, 4% Elastane

    Recognized: Dua Lipa and Mindy Kaling posted photos to be included in the brand’s matching set.

    PE Nation

    This Australian brand combines performance and fun with many elements throughout the collection s color.

    PE Country Response 7/8 Leggings


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    Why we love it:

    These compress Leggings support your practice without sacrificing comfort.


    Elle Fanning and Margot Robbie are big fans of the brand.


    If you If you like the outdoors, then Prana is a brand that focuses not only on yoga gear, but also on outdoor living.

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, and Jeans

    Planalena 7/8 liter egg



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    Why we love it:

    These super soft leggings will keep you comfortable in and out of the classroom.

  • Fabric:
  • 45% Recycled Nylon, % Spandex


    Katie Holmes wears comfort staples through this label.

    Why we love it: For something in-between spandex leggings and sweatshirts, these are pants that can go in.

  • Fabric: 79% Cotton, 5% Elastane


    Selena Gomez and Kaia Gerber are fans of the brand’s fashion pieces.

    Outdoor Sound

    For those who think exercise shouldn’t be so serious, Outdoor Voices makes fun clothes to wear. The brand’s leggings are perfect for yoga, hiking, or even just hanging out at home.

    Outdoor Vocies Flow 7/8 Leggings

        Outdoor Sound

      • Why we love it:

        Outdoor Voices’ super soft flowing leggings are perfect for yoga classes, twists and inversions where you’ll be moving.

      • Fabric:

        Freeform fabrics


      This colorful brand is popular with Laura Harrier, Sophie A favorite of celebrities like Turner, and Lorde.


      For those with a more minimalist style, this London-based luxury brand deserves your consideration.

          Why we love it: These super high waist leggings will support you while you do your yoga practice.

        Fabric: 63% Polyamide, % Spandex


      Model Paloma Elsesser appears in the brand.

      Norba Essential Leggings

      Norba is a brand that makes things easy. Instead of flashy details like logos or cutouts, the brand is committed to making their work the best it can be – no frills.

      Norba Essential Leggings



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      Why we love it:

      The brand’s Italian-made high-performance fabric is super soft to the touch so you’ll be very comfortable throughout your practice sessions.

      Fabric: 30% Polyamide % Spandex







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