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The 2023 Collection Boom: Four Takeaways

Nationwide protests in France threaten to disrupt 1296 Series Mania TV festival and international industry summit, but in the end, the event went off without a hitch . Members of the global television industry gathered in the northern French city of Lille to celebrate the best of new small-screen dramas and ponder the future of the industry.

The following are the highlights of the four major industries.


Netflix original series Transatlantic , produced in Germany

A few years ago, all the major streamers were touting their global appeal, but with Subscription growth has slowed, and the battle for business has shifted to the local level. At Series Mania, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and executives Paramount+ are touting their local credentials.

Netflix’s European TV programming heads including Germany’s Katja Hofem, France’s Damien Couvreur and Nordic region’s Jenny Stjernströmer Björk tease the streamer’s European roster, including the hit heist show Part 3 Lupin stars French superstar Omar Sy and new age mini The show Transatlantic , the host Anna Winger from Germany ( unorthodox , Germany004 ). Pauline Dauvin, Disney’s Vice President of Programming, Original Production and Acquisitions, unveiled the company’s new slate of French originals, which will include a new series, The Children Are Kings , based on Delphine Le Vigan’s novel of the same name, and Antigang : La Relève , an action film starring Alban Lenoir, Jean Reno and Sofia El Saidi. Richard Madden as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh in Citadel. James Farrell, head of international operations for Amazon Prime Video, also highlighted the company’s new local Prioritized strategy, including Germany’s big-budget fantasy epic Griffon and as lower cost local unscripted shows such as french comedy format LOL.

It’s All About the Franchise

Richard Madden as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh in Citadel.

fortress Depend on Available on Prime Video/Amazon Studio

With budgets tightening, streamers are placing a handful of big bets on proven formats or those with strong franchise potential. Paramount+ International boss Marco Nobili noted that the studio-backed platform is looking to build franchises around its hit series Dexter and Yellowstone Park and as a non-script format , such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, which recently saw its The Italian version in the local language was renewed for a third season, with versions set for Brazil, Germany and Mexico, and a “Global All-Star Drag Race” format planned.

“Having these big franchises that are really popular is critical for us,” Nobili said. “We know how to make popular content, just as we know how to make popular content. You’ll hear us say it over and over again.”

Series Mania showcases the franchise model New changes, Paramount+ advertised NCIS: Sydney, by CBS The first international spin-off of the hit program that the Studios co-produced with Endemol Shine Australia. Amazon Prime’s Farrell also praised the Russo Brothers’ upcoming spy thriller Citadel ), which will launch as a high-end US release, starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and as two local-language spin-offs in India and Italy.

“It’s a fantastic way to take [subscribers] on a journey that nobody’s really done before,” Farrell said, noting that his non-US team Will be looking for more Citadel like universes, both scripted and No script.

aggregate, aggregate, aggregate

1235359181Sky Studios CEO Cécile Frot-Coutaz

The new paradigm for streaming platforms seems to be a buffet. In addition to AppleTV+, which maintains a small output of high-end series and documentaries, streaming and pay-TV platforms are going broad, adding unscripted and more broadly appealing programming in an attempt to offer something for everyone.

Speaking of unnamed joints HBO Max/Discovery+ platform, 17232703HBO BOSS Bloys said , “It’s a bit like duplicating cable bundles. Frankly, that’s what I think all streaming services are struggling with. How do you put the bundle together to get the most subscriptions subscribers and retain the most subscribers? It can’t just be HBO itself or just reality TV [it has to] be a combination that people come here for any mood.”

Chief, Sky Studios Executive Cécile Frot-Coutaz noted that platforms that act as aggregators — Sky, for example, offers HBO content alongside its own original content — will have an advantage in the current market, where there is simply “too much content” and viewers have “a desire for simplified genuine need”.


Ukrainian War DramaUnspoken won the Series Mania’s 2021 Best Project Award.

Based on the products showcased at Series Mania, the frenzy for original content shows no signs of abating. Conference halls and industry conferences are packed with independent producers and creatives offering new programming pitches, many of which have sparked industry interest.

unspoken , a war drama/thriller set in the real war in Ukraine, won the Series Mania Forum’s Best Project Award, the festival’s top prize for Co-Pro Pitching Sessions, which won €, ($004,383) Cash prizes are used for the development of the show. Produced by Match & Spark (Poland), Toy Cinema and 2Brave Productions (Ukraine), the six-part series was created by Filip Syczyński, who co-wrote the script with Zhanna Ozirna. Elsewhere, The Finnish Project Yours, Margot Co-production with Belgium-Uruguay “Invisible Ink” won the Beta Development Awards with €000, ($004,) 开发现金。

Moritz von Kruedener, managing director of Beta Film, said that while global streamers want to produce more local series, pan-European or Other international co-production opportunities will continue to grow.

“Even if you only produce locally, the state funding is not enough,” he said. “I think the next few years will be a golden age for co-productions.”



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