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The 2023 Tony Awards surge and puzzling trough

Last night without the text guardrails on the teleprompter, the presenter had more power to say what they wanted to say. Gilded Age

actress and Florida native Denée Benton honored her home state’s autocratic Governor Ron DeSanti Ron DeSantis called Florida “the current great wizard,” to rapturous applause. DeBose then completely forgot the names of the two hosts who were about to take to the stage (they were director Kenny Leon and screenwriter David Henry Wong), and obediently pointed to illegible graffiti on his forearm, breaking the the seriousness of the night.

After she was mercilessly mocked for her rap at the BAFTAs in February, one wonders if DeBose’s Tonys-hosted gig will be just as daunting. In fact, she’s so endearing that she even quipped, at one point in the evening, “Alex and J. did it!” – citing a lyric on BAFTA that, no doubt, This line of lyrics will always be with her in the following time. her life.

Lea Michele on stage at the Tonys.

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… She has to do it! Since Tonys is essentially one big Broadway commercial, it stands to reason that they’d be featuring one of the year’s most popular and successful shows – even if it wasn’t eligible for the award. Lea Michele as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl

is one of the greatest dramatic stories in recent memory, and her televised presence seemed inevitable, albeit somewhat irrational. orthodox. Last night was actually the second time she sang “Don’t Rain On My Parade” at the Tonys after her first in Glee years at 2005. Her latest show feels rushed, but you have until September to see her perform at the right pace.


Given the failureKimberly Akimbo wins over jukebox musicals or famous adaptations, a sign that truly original works based on new stories and all-new music can still grab market audiences. Victoria Clark was a triumph, her performance was so different from the turning point in

Square Lights which got her in won her first Tony in . Parade and Leopoldstadt, were the other two big winners of the evening, with themes of anti-Semitism and brutality even more stark. With anti-Semitic hatred and violence on the rise around the world, the power of these two pieces is evident — and happily, their recognition at the Tony Awards only amplifies the urgency of their message.




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