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The 21 Best Korean Skincare Products of 2022 Shop Now

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In our quest to discover the most effective beauty products, we are eager to learn as much as possible about cosmetics. Right now, we’re researching the best Korean skincare products.

Why choose Korean Beauty?

Charlotte Cho, co-founder of market Soko Glam, explains that Korean heritage is the philosophy of K-beauty The core, and very good skin care has been integrated into Korean culture. “At a young age, Korean children are taught the importance of moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing the skin thoroughly, and protecting it with SPF,” she says. These beauty traditions are passed down from generation to generation, she explained.

“For example, a common bathhouse tradition is to splash water,” says Christine Chang, co-founder of Glow Recipe, “because milk contains Lactic acid, so spoiled milk can get onto your face after cleansing, which helps smooth and brighten your skin. “This tradition is an example of Korean consumers adopting a gentle approach to exfoliation rather than harsh physical exfoliation.” “

These traditions are combined with innovative technologies to create products that are beneficial to solve a range of problems. The result? The entry into categories like new ingredients like snail mucin or essences. Cho points out that our partnership with K-beauty Many of the relevant ingredients are derived from oriental medicine or traditional oriental medicines such as ginseng, green tea and lotus.






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