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The 25 Best Sex and the City Outfits, According to Costume Designer Molly Rogers

That’s it… It’s been 25 years for Sex and the City. The incredibly stylish TV franchise premiered on HBO on June 6

and eventually morphed into two feature-length films and a new The rebooted series And Just Like That (all of which are currently available to watch on MAX).

Riding alongside Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha is costume designer Molly Rogers, who began assisting legendary Patricia Field on the show and now serves as Major client of AJLT. “Very few shows have such a long shelf life,” Rogers said. “When I came back to do the first season of And Just Like That, it felt like summer camp. Even though we were exploring uncharted territory, it felt like we were working with the cast and A reunion of the crew.”

Rogers says it’s impossible to pick a favorite style moment from the series — so, instead, we’ve got her from the original series, Pick highlights from the two subsequent films and AJLT*).

Back in the original series, when Rogers started assisting Field in the costume department, she remembers being amused by how Field dressed the four leading ladies be in awe. “Because Pat Field is an inner-city girl, she really has the DNA of being an urban girl to build these four women,” Rogers said. “Each of them has their own line, and there’s been such a strong roadmap over the years. Each has designed their own style based on where they live or work in New York.”

Rogers remembers how focused she and Field were on finding the perfect piece – whether it was a designer piece or something unique vintage pieces. “In the beginning, we had a small budget, so we tried more,” Rogers said. “We’ll keep working—we don’t care, we want the show to look great.” Often, they turn to stores like Ina’s consignment store—where they found the now-famous fur coat Carrie wore— — or the cheap paradise Century . “We’ll run out of time during the week, so we’ll go to Century on the Saturday off day and then we’ll stay in the one All day long . You don’t want to miss anything from Century .”



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