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The 32 Best Men's Underwear for Sport This Season

The foundation of every outfit starts with a damn good pair of underwear. When it comes to finding the perfect panties for everyday wear, support, comfort and an attractive style that boosts your confidence are key. To finally wrap up your epic search for the best underwear to fit your lifestyle and budget, here are a few things to keep in mind before buying that new pair of underwear.

  • Best Overall

    Classic Multi-Pack Boxer Briefs Calvin Klein

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  • Best Boxer Briefs

    18 Hours Boxer Briefs McWeldon

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  • Best for gym

    Dri-FIT ReLuxe Men’s Boxer Briefs Nike

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  • Most comfortable

    Heritage Boxer Brief Flint and Tinder

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  • Best Midway Cut Boxer Brief

    Active Stretch Midway Brief Jockey

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  • Best Boxer

    Allover Pony Boxer Ralph Lauren

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  • Most fashionable

    Boxer briefs Ron Dorff

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  • You can find out what type of underwear a man likes. In terms of style, there are briefs, boxer briefs and flat briefs. Then there’s the fabric. Some are made from traditional fabrics like cotton, while others use high-performance blends with high stretch. The last is to see. We’re talking solid colors, patterns, graphics—the whole nine yards.

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    That’s what it’s saying There are underwear for every type of man shape. Read below to find the pair you’re destined to wear!

      most Best Overall

      Calvin Klein

      Classic Multi-Pack Boxer Briefs

      Best Boxer Briefs


      18 Hour Boxer Briefs

    Most Comfortable


    Merino Sports Boxer

    Best Underpants


    Men’s underwear

    Best for Gym


    Dri-FIT ReLuxe Men’s Boxer Briefs


    Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs 3-Pack

    Most comfortable

    Flint and Tinder

    Heritage Boxer Briefs

    Best Mid-Cut Boxer Briefs


    Active Stretch Midway Brief


    Ralph Lauren

    Allover Pony Boxer

    Most Fashionable

    Ron Dorff

    Boxer briefs

    All Citizens

    Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket Standard Fit Boxer Briefs


    Forever in Sports Boxer

    Fruit of the Loom

    CoolZone Boxer Briefs


    Boxer Short Uniform

    Nice Laundry

    Slim-fit boxers

    Tommy John

    Second Skin Torso


    Give-N-Go 2.0 Boxer Briefs

    Banana Republic

    Stretch cotton briefs

    Underwear Expert

    Basic Boxer Briefs


    Classic Boxer Briefs

    Best Bagged Underwear


    Pima Flex Stretch No-Show Trunk


    Sea Island Cotton Trunks

    Under Armour

    Tech 6″ Boxerjock


    Cotton Boxer Briefs


    Men’s Trino Boxer Briefs


    3-Piece Classic Fit Boxer Briefs


    Everyday Essentials Boxer Briefs

    Best Thermal Underwear


    Icetex Performance Thermals

    No, we’re not talking about patterns for your everyday drawers (although that’s always fun). Consider more shape and fit for proper support based on the needs of your everyday life.

    If you don’t like underwear that rides too high, choose boxer briefs with longer legs and a comfortable fit, such as compression underwear that’s perfect for the gym.

    For another way to avoid a wedge or sagging bottom (for those with smaller hips), check out the low-waisted styles. In the right size, low-rise underwear choices won’t feel too tight or shift in position throughout the day. When it comes to underwear length, it’s mostly a matter of preference, unless we’re talking about performance underwear to move during tough workouts.

    You’ll probably want a longer leg to prevent thigh chafing, which also comes in handy during those hotter sweaty periods. Finally, if you often find yourself having an awkward junk adjustment time, check boxer briefs and travel cases with contoured pockets that will help keep your manly bits from moving too freely. Correct seams on the sides keep your cargo in place.

    When you’re looking for a new pair of men’s underwear online, it can be hard to tell how you feel if a lot of people look the same in a photo. Then you look at the fabric description, which only makes things more confusing. Cotton, nylon, rayon – what’s the best?

    While cotton is breathable and easy to care for, 100% cotton shoes will deform over time and give you a swampy feel. If you’re looking for something more modern , choose a mix of nylon and some spandex. Nylon wicks moisture and the fabric won’t pill or stretch. However, the small amount of spandex in the fabric facilitates movement with ease and comfort.

    Another good option is modal or micro-modal fabric. Made from beech tree, this incredibly soft fabric feels like your trash has never felt before. It’s lightweight, soft to the touch, shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking. Most of the best men’s underwear on the market, you’ll hear rave reviews from men, use modal in their manufacture.

    When you’re looking for underwear at the gym, look for a stellar pair that features four-way stretch, along with moisture-wicking and odor-resistant technology. If you’re upping your fitness game, you need the kind of sports bra that works as hard as you do so you can focus on your goals and not the sweaty, uncomfortable situation underneath.

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