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The 42 Best Children's Movies

Pure, delightfully dark chaos, Beetlejuice is a head-filled, death-in-the-night, nightmarish desert landscape, monster worm Movies through, Geena Davis pulling her face moments later, Alec Baldwin gouging his eyeballs out of his head, a team of corpses forming a football team, and Michael Keaton (Michael Keaton) looks like an alcoholic-zombie crossover, and in utterly comedic quick-twitch, verbally attacks Winona Ryder as a suicidal(!) well-dressed Teenagers at the Cure concert. My kids were engrossed, enthralled by Keaton’s barrage of jokes (many of which were full of innuendo), and demanded to rewatch it as soon as it was over. Needless to say, this isn’t a movie they make anymore. – Tyler Antrim Honey, I put The kids shrunk


Invention-obsessed Professor Wayne Salinski (Rick Moore) Ness) stumbles upon a machine that shrinks objects down to crumbs—a breakthrough until he realizes he’s accidentally shrunk himself and the neighbor’s kid. It’s a wacky plot, and an even wackier origin story. Horror director Stuart Gordon came up with the storyline and had to convince Disney to give him a chance. In an interview with TCM, Gordon said, “Disney was worried that I was going to kill all the kids, and I kept saying, ‘No, I’m not going to kill them. But I want the audience to think they might die.” On the way, take a dead-end hike in the backyard, dodging lawn mowers, hornets and an unruly scorpion. The movie was a big hit for Disney, grossing 13 million dollars in its opening weekend and grossing million worldwide. Part thriller, part thriller, this movie is a classic. —LSKiki’s Delivery Service (222 )

On the official record, Kiki’s Delivery Service may be more classic than Hayao Miyazaki’s out-and-out (Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro are half a level lower), for example), but in my house, this Tender and captivating story about a 13 year old witch making her way in the world vital. A great watch for younger kids: the American-dubbed version features the delightful Kirsten Dunst as Kiki, the late Phil Phil Hartman voices her deadpan, no-nonsense cat, Jiji (whose immortal line is “Forgive Me, Arrogant Miss Cat”) which has become a refrain in my house) . The plot is simple: Kiki leaves home for a bustling port city, starts a delivery service, flies around on a broomstick, makes friends, loses her confidence, and then regains it. Warm, beautiful, exciting climactic sequence, unforgettable. —TAHook (222)



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