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The 42 Best Gold Chain Necklaces to Buy Now – Because You Can Never Have Too Much

A ubiquitous addition to your jewelry family, the gold chain link necklace has more than once provoked the most eloquent thoughts. “My mother would probably find a thin gold chain in the back of a drawer, tuck it into a really tight knot, and give it to me to untie,” recalls author Anne Lamotte. “It smells of shiny sweat and turns me on: a gold chain links you to the great fairy tales and myths, Arabia and India; bears the weight of the world, but is lighter than a feather.”

Indeed, a gold link necklace can be lighter than a feather, so it’s almost invisible – obviously only when it catches the light. Or it can be so huge and bold that you can hear it yelling across a crowded room. A shimmering link necklace can happily float over an evening dress (we’ll be out again someday!) as it can dress up your everyday sweatshirts and hoodies. (When the great revolutionary leader Rosa Luxemburg said, “Those who don’t move, don’t notice their chains,” was she saying you were wearing tracksuits?)

Sometimes Gold Chains Their names speak for themselves: boxes, strings, beads, and of course, the current favorite, paper clips. (After a while, young people might ask, “What’s a paperclip?”) Other links have more cryptic nicknames—think Cuban, Figaro, or Wheat.

Regardless of the gold chain, these necklaces have pretty much replaced charm bracelets as a way to keep your favorite talisman close to your heart. Sure, you can buy a chain that already has its own charm attached, but wouldn’t it be more fun to build your own collection, adding highly personalized charms as the mood strikes?

Here, our guide to the best and brightest gold chain necklaces:


Not-so-basic gold chains, peeking out from under plain shirts, can make your outfit stand out all day, every day. Consider links from boxes to beads, opt for the popular paper clip, or show off an updated version of the nameplate in homage to Carrie Bradshaw.

Liz Mandler-Carat Gold Necklace

M Jeweler Figaro-k gold collar

Lucy Williams Necklace

Jennifer Fisher Dean Necklace

Mejuri Horizontal Engraving Bar Necklace

Anita Ko Havana small


Most romantic The gold chain necklace may feature celestial decorations or embody the most iconic symbol of love – the eternal heart.

Foundrae True Love and Resilience Necklace

Jenny Bird Vera Necklace

Irene Neuwirth Gold Heart-Necklace

-k gold diamond necklace

Jacques Eicher -k gold, tourmaline and diamond necklace

Elizabeth Moore Eye of the Sun Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant Necklace


Not all of your jewelry needs to scream and shout—the thinnest gold chain can be powerful even when it’s subtle statement (especially if you add small diamonds. )

Melissa Kaye Aria mini -k gold diamond necklace

Mejuri Baby Box Chain Necklace

Jennifer Meyer Mini Star -Carat Gold Necklace

Mateo Gold and Diamond Half Moon Pendant Necklace


Thick gold chain links can turn those Zoom-worthy cashmere pullovers T-shirts and silk shirts were elevated to the highest realms of heaven.

Paco Rabanne XL Chainring necklace

Laura Lombardi Calle Gold Plated Necklace

Cult Gaia Reyes Necklace

Bottega Veneta Gourmette Chunky Chain Choker

Sylvia Toledano Choker Necklace

Meadowlark Lucia Sterling Silver Twist Rope Necklace


Your best friend’s wedding? Black tie holiday party? No matter the situation, you need a little glitz. Here are chains that can be pulled over a sheath dress to welcome the day.

Pomellato Fantina Rose Gold Lariat Necklace

Rainbow K Victoria -Open Gold Diamond Necklace

Miramore Classic Double Chain

Laura Lombardi Martina Recycled Gold Plated Necklace

Pacharee Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

Tory Burch Roxanne Chain Tiered Necklace

Best for Charms

Building on your charm collection, adding these finds to a long gold chain necklace is an ode to jewelry joy—and the perfect way to show off your unique personality.

Maria Blake Cosmopolitan necklace

Azlee Large Round Chain Handmade Chain

Marla Aaron Not So Heavy Gold Necklace

Monica Vinader Snake Chain Necklace

Ashley Zhang Jewelry Albert chain

Foundrae Heavy-Carat Gold Necklace

ALL OUT Glamour

THE ONLY THING BETTER THAN ONE CARAT? carat. If you’re in the market for a gold chain necklace set with a few gemstones – which will add sophistication to your fine jewelry piece – the options below are perfect additions to your wish list.

David Yurman Lexington Diamond Y Necklace

45666037505282671Stone & Strand Diamond Tennis Necklace


Nadine Aysoy Catena Gold Necklace with Emeralds



32027475399337295 Shay Illusion Diamond and Gold Choker



1647597292015863 Zoë Chicco Gold and Diamond Drop Medium Curb Link Necklace



39388987555884Tiffany & Co. Double Chain Pendant


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