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The 5 Best Sports Rom-Coms to Watch Instead of the Super Bowl

I don’t have a lot of fond memories from being 22, but one of them was what my roommate and I used to call “Women in Sports Empowerment Night.” We’d pick up ramen, light the nicest candle we could find, gulp bad wine like water, and watch a procession of women’s sports rom-coms all night long. I know most of the world famously has plans for this Sunday, but if the Super Bowl isn’t for you, no shame in that game; you can still get your fix of sports-adjacent content by watching any one of these movies. (And, hey, if you want to pause and flip over to the Super Bowl just to see if Taylor Swift is there, that’s fine!)

Blue Crush (2002)

If anyone could convince me to run away from home and become a surfer despite my absolute lack of core strength, it’s Kate Bosworth in this movie (not to mention Michelle Rodriguez in the best board-shorts-and-bikini looks ever). Yes, the rom-com quotient is satisfied with strong-jawed football player love interest, but really, this is a movie about sisterhood and surfing and ordering really nice breakfasts from hotel room service with a man’s money. Aspirational!

How to watch: Stream on Apple TV, Starz, or YouTube.

Stick It (2006)



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