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The 5 most relaxing hotels in Japan

In October, after more than two years of strict border controls, Japan finally — and fully — reopened its doors to international tourists. You can almost hear the rumble of footsteps in the distance, but in some ways, now may be the best time to visit. Despite Japan’s notoriously frantic pace, the luxury hotel world has made strides in recent years to define Japan as the ideal place to get away from it all.

From glass-like spa suites to 600-foot towers above the glittering metropolis, to ryokans

tucked away along the coastline and islands , the best hotel in Japan is not only a gateway to learn about Japanese culture, but also an oasis of tranquility completely cut off from the outside world. You’ll find hot tubs steaming under the night sky, peaceful enclaves by ancient forests, or world-class spas nestled in the mountains to relax and recharge.

Then, of course, there are services. As a country with a historical reputation for keeping foreign tourists out (it closed its borders for some 265 years during the Edo period), Japan still has its top The hospitality has earned it a well-deserved reputation.

With all of this in mind, a peaceful vacation in Japan may be just what the rest of the world needs. Here, Vogue has compiled seven of the most peaceful retreats the country has to offer, and you can leave feeling fully recovered.

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