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The 7 Best Dog Collars of 2022 According to Experts

Like babies and significant others who need a lot of maintenance, dogs need a lot of things. There are dog bowls, crates, vaccines, dog food and chew toys – you get the idea. In the midst of all this buying process, many dog ​​owners, especially first-time dog buyers, don’t think a simple collar is worth a lot of time research. A collar is a collar, a collar, right? Well, not quite.

A good collar is actually one of the most important buying decisions for any puppy. After all, it’s the only “clothing” they’ll never take off. That’s why it’s worth considering your dog’s size, energy level, traction behavior, and overall temperament. All of this should determine which collar is right for your puppy. Depending on your own habits, exercise routine, and when and how often you plan to take your puppy out, there are even high-tech collars that light up (for a walk or run after dark) and even monitor your dog with built-in means GPS tracking. Confused? We’ve rounded up the best dog collar shopping for 2022 for you

    Best Overall Dog Collar

    Reflective Dog Collar


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      Best Collars for Energetic Dogs

      Heavy Duty Comfort Collars Black Rhino

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    • Most Charitable Dog Collar

      NEO Velcro Reflective Dog Collar Max and Neo

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    • Best Personalized Dog Collar

      Personalized Side Buckle Collar Orvis

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    • Best GPS Tracker Collar

      The Link Smart Pet Wearable Link

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Best Overall Dog Collar

Joy Story

Reflective Dog Collar

Refined Best Collars for Powerful Dogs

Black Rhino

Heavy Duty Comfort Collar

Best Night Dog Collars


USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar



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