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The 7 Best Teeth Whitening Products Dentists Recommend

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The cosmetics industry is flooded with serums and gadgets with promising beautifying effects. While results before and after teeth whitening are not always guaranteed, the best teeth whitening products can deliver dramatic results – do it yourself, no dentist needed! But that’s not to say we haven’t consulted a dentist to help us choose the most effective whitening toothpaste, whitening LED light kits, and more.

See Dentist

Cosmetic dentists, shooting some of the most photogenic smiles in NYC, Dr. Stephanie Dumanian and Park Lex 26 Dental founder explained that not all whitening products It’s all the same — and whitening products aren’t for everyone. Dumanian, who treated sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder and Emily in Paris Ashley Park also recommends that those with highly sensitive teeth, translucent teeth (wearing enamel), gum problems, or previous dental work (veneers, fillings, crowns) on their front teeth, seek the advice of a dentist before joining a whitening treatment into their dental hygiene regimen.

What to look for in the best teeth whitening products

When choosing a whitening toothpaste, “you should take into account that they have little beads in them to polish your teeth, so it will be abrasive. If you like drinking lemonade Or like eating a lot of acidic foods—this toothpaste combined with your daily routine will wear down your enamel faster.” Dumanian recommends a mix-and-match strategy for best results. “Whitening toothpaste is an easy way to help remove stains from the surface of your teeth,” she explains. “It’s also a great way to enhance any previous whitening treatments you may have had, so will help you maintain those results.” When choosing a dental strip, pen or LED light kit, consider the size and shape of your teeth; “For semi-custom products , one size doesn’t always fit all.”

Toothpaste VS Toothpaste. Stripes vs. Pen vs. Lamp

The main difference between toothpaste, toothpaste and pens is the efficacy of the whitening formula. Test strips contained the highest concentrations of active ingredients, followed by pens, followed by toothpaste. The best results will be achieved with LED light treatments in the office, followed by home light kits. It’s worth noting that light therapy also contains a whitening gel, but the treatment is more effective when paired with light (which can lighten stains).

Compared to toothpaste alone, “you can get faster results with whitening strips because the whitening agents are more concentrated and they stay in contact with your teeth longer than toothpaste,” she explains. “The ideal would be a combination of the two treatments: 3-5 consecutive days of whitening strips every two months, followed by daily cleaning with whitening toothpaste to maintain those results.” But the bottom line? “The light-enhanced whitening treatment will give faster results than using the whitening pen alone.”

Below, 7 of the best teeth whitening products to incorporate into your dental treatment.

the best Whitening toothpaste: Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Brilliance Whitening Toothpaste



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“Crest 3D is probably one of the most popular whitening toothpastes. It contains fluoride and claims to prevent

    The stains hours,” said Dr. Dumanian.

Why we love it : This product is affordable and easy to find for everyday use .

how to use:
Brush twice a day times, just like using normal toothpaste.

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Best Enamel Whitening Serum: Vvardis Anti-Aging Serum

Image may contain: Bottle, and Cosmetics

Vvardis New White Enamel Anti-Aging Serum

$25 Saks Fifth Avenue

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  • “I like the sleek design of the packaging and the ease of application in situations where a semi-custom strip might not cover the entire area. A brush or pen application can help ensure Whitening product is evenly distributed,” Dr. Dumanian said.
  • Why we love it: Patented formula is one of the few whitening treatments that mimics the body’s remineralization process to build tooth enamel. Plus, promises results in a week.
    how to use:

    For clean, dry teeth (ideally at bedtime) and keep teeth for- seconds. Avoid food or drink 16 minutes. Daily for a week.

    Best Photodynamic Whiteners: GLO Brilliant White Smile

    Glo Brilliant White Smile Teeth Whitening Device

        • Sephora

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    ” Glo provides fast whitening without wearing down your teeth or gums. The advanced technology of this take-home kit can help amplify the whitening results received in the office and

    help maintain these results over time,” she said.

    Why we love it : Glo Brilliant set pairs gel with light technology, Brightens teeth and potassium nitrate with thermal technology and active whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide.

    how to use: Apply Teeth Whitening GLO Vials Gel to top and bottom teeth with brush (included). Insert mouthpiece for eight minutes; repeat twice (reapply gel each time) as each whitening session consists of three eight minutes course of treatment. Repeat the process as needed.

    optimal Mobile Pen Treatment: Glo to Go Pen

    GLO to Go Teeth Whitening Pen



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    “This pen is a great way to get to the whole area

    could not reach. “

      Why we love it : Pen offers simple after five days application and success.

      how to use: remove the gel from the pen Apply to clean and dry teeth, avoiding food and drinks 05-10 minutes. Twice a day for two weeks.

      Best White Bar: Pure White Bar

        pure white! Professional Teeth Whitening Strips



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) “These are stronger than most over-the-counter medications and are great for sensitive teeth and gums,” she says.

why we love it :

These whitening test strips are super Works great and promises results after 5 days. Plus, their active ingredient is carbamide peroxide, which is less irritating than those strips that contain hydrogen peroxide.

  • how to use: Apply a strip on the upper and lower teeth an hour a day for five consecutive days.

    Best Model Approved Whitening Kit: Moon Whitening Kit

    ” its ADA’s only true bleaching toothpaste (not just stain removal) is approved and Like all ADA-approved pastes, it contains fluoride, which is used to prevent tooth decay,” said Dr. Dumanian.

    why we love it :

    a vegan Toothpaste promises results after four weeks of daily use.

    how to use:

    twice a day, like Use normal toothpaste.

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