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The 8 Best Apple AirPods Cases (2023): Retro, Wacky, and Spam

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Which AirPods do you have?

Ketnipz Case for Airpods

Mujjo Airpod Case

cartoon protective case

Casetify Classic Bean Face AirPods Case

Read MoreMujjo Airpod CaseKetnipz Case for Airpods

Mujjo Airpod Case

High-End Case

Mujjo Echelon AirPods Pro 2 Case

read moreKetnipz Case for AirpodsKetnipz Case for Airpods

Ketnipz Case for Airpods

Retro Colorful Stickers Airpods CaseKetnipz Case for Airpods

The Retro Case

Casetify Retro Colorful Stickers – Sorority Camping Aesthetic

)Read MoreMujjo Airpod CaseMujjo Airpod Case

Ketnipz Case for Airpods

Recently, some of our WIRED Gear team

Always obsessed with AirPods cases. And not just any old box, we’re talking boxes that look like sneakers, candy, luggage, cell phones, and even spam cans, allowing us to show off our individuality. Yep, I really love Spam so much that I keep a can of it with me at all times. Are these cases as attractive, durable and protective as they appear to be online? To find out, we tested several models in Apple’s line of earbuds. These are our favorite off-center cases for the standard AirPods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation) and AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation). We will continue to conduct more tests in the coming months.

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Medea Giordano and Julian Chokkattu for this guide Contributed.

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    Mujjo Airpod Case

  • Picture: Apple

    Which AirPods do you have ?

  • How do you know which case to buy? Apple has several generations of AirPods, whether you have the standard AirPods or AirPods Pro, so make sure the case you choose works with your model. (Some cases are interchangeable, notably first- and second-generation AirPods and first- and second-generation AirPods Pro.) To find which device you own, go to Settings> Bluetooth”. Tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods name and you’ll see a model number. If your AirPods are not connected to an Apple device, you can find the model number on the device. It’s on the bottom of each earbud — you may need to use the magnification feature on your smartphone to see it.

    Once you have the model number, you can cross-reference it with this guide to check out a generation, or check the list below:

    • AirPods Pro (2nd Generation , 2022): A2931, A2699, A2698
    • AirPods Pro (1st generation, 2019): A2084, A2083
    • AirPods (3rd generation, 2021): A2565, A2564

    • AirPods (2nd Generation, 2019):

        A2032, A2031

      • AirPods (1st Gen, 2017):
          A1523, A1722

        • You probably know if you bought a different case for your AirPods, but it’s also worth checking the model number of the case, since Apple has released a standalone model with wireless charging and MagSafe support. You can find these details here.

      Mujjo Airpod CaseKetnipz Case for Airpods

  • Mujjo Airpod Case

    Photo: Casetify

  • Cartoon case

    Casetify Classic Bean Face AirPods Case

    Since a few I’ve been in love with Ketnipz since I first saw this adorable cartoon on Instagram years ago. The lovable and introverted bean continues to be a source of comfort when I’m looking for uplifting, funny, and relatable memes. I was ecstatic to try out the Ketnipz AirPods case designed by Casetify. Comes with a “classic bean face” and it feels like I take my own little Ketnipz with me everywhere I go.

    AirPods fit snugly into the case and leave room for the status light above the inset. It’s made from 65% recycled material and feels very durable. I have no issues with wireless charging, which means you can place them on the charging pad without removing the case.

    Compatible with AirPods Pro (1st Generation) and AirPods (2nd Generation) and the third generation)Ketnipz Case for Airpods

    Ketnipz Case for Airpods

    Mujjo Airpod CaseKetnipz Case for Airpods

  • Mujjo Airpod Case

    Photography: MUJJO

  • High-end case
  • Mujjo Echelon AirPods Pro 2 Case

  • Mujjo cases are one of my favorite Apple accessories. It’s made from Ecco leather that’s been vegetable-tanned to reduce our environmental impact and has a soft, thick blue leather. Wireless charging works with my charging pad, and I can clearly see the charging light and hear the Find My speaker through the cutout. The molded leather nubs for the paired buttons on the back also work. It’s gorgeous, understated, and feels smooth and cool in the palm of my hand — just like the AirPods Pro themselves.

    Compatible with AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation)

    ★ Another option: Nomad also makes great leather cases for all AirPods generations. You can opt for the same Ecco leather that Mujjo uses, or spend your money on Horween leather that feels more luxurious. They fit well, have a cutout in the front for the LEDs, and work well with wireless chargers.

    Mujjo Airpod CaseMujjo Airpod CaseMujjo Airpod Case

  • Retro Colorful Stickers Airpods Case
  • Retro Colorful Stickers Airpods Case
  • Photo: CASETIFY

    Vintage Case

    Casetify Vintage Color Stickers – Fraternity Camp Aesthetics

    I put the sticker on everything. I have them covered on my Kindle, MacBook, and water bottle, which is why I was immediately drawn to this case. These “stickers” are technically printed on the case, but they still mimic that aesthetic. I also love the soft and shiny case, reminiscent of the jelly sandals I wore as a kid. There is a retro vibe everywhere.

    Wireless charging works really well and has a dot sculpted for the LED indicator. It’s made from 65 percent recycled and plant-based materials, some of which are made from upcycled phone cases. Casetify says it has an antimicrobial coating that eliminates bacteria, but takes those claims with a grain of salt. It doesn’t claim to protect you from viruses, and there isn’t much evidence that antimicrobial pods reduce your risk of illness.

    Compatible with AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation) and AirPods (Third Generation)Ketnipz Case for Airpods

    Ketnipz Case for Airpods

  • Mujjo Airpod CaseKetnipz Case for Airpods

  • Ketnipz Case for Airpods


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