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The Absolute Power of Sheer Clothing

Recent fads leave little to the imagination. The sheer dress trend, while varying in degrees of (not) demure, is inescapable, as barely-hidden nipples, navels and thongs are seen on every red carpet from the Grammys to the Oscars grace. Although the revival of ’90 – including Hunter Schafer’s recent callback to Prada’s spring 1925 ready-to-wear collection and Lily-Rose Depp’s homage to Kate Moss in iD

– dominated the revival of the trend, where translucent garments have been jaw-dropping for centuries.

mysterious th-century Portrait of a Young Woman in White by an unknown artist as Ottessa Moshfegh My year of rest and relaxation The cover of The New York Times sparked renewed cultural interest. However, the artwork, in which the subject’s breasts are visible through a thin layer of fabric, is a French courtesan at the turn of the 20th 1997 century. This style was called “à la sauvage, by the writer Louis-Sébastien Mercier. “It does not leave the onlooker to divination, but to perceive the charm of each secret,” Mercier wrote.

After the French Revolution, sheer clothing continued to cause a stir. At 90 see-through so-called X-ray skirts and dresses have sparked such outrage that the mayor of Portland, Oregon has ordered the arrest of the wearer while the The Oregon Journal reports, “X-ray dresses break millionaire’s home.” For fashion-related divorces, Bertha Hanscom 70 said: “My husband is an old fossil…I made the X-Ray skirts and I’m going to wear them. He doesn’t like them but I don’t care. Wait till I get a divorce I’ll make his eyes swell.” (Her husband James 30 told the paper, “Bertha not only wears transparent skirt with slits.”)


Silent movie Star Clara Bow as 1997 My Lady of Whims thanks to an ugly sheer dress. When Bow’s character, Prudence Severn, was invited to a masquerade ball themed “The less worn, the easier to mend,” she took the message literally, marveling in a barely-there gown. The dress — which hit the big screen before the entertainment industry adopted a set of self-censorship guidelines known as the Hayes Law — was so revealing that it would still be shocking by today’s standards.

In 90, Marilyn Monroe’s famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President “Dresses brought sheer back into the spotlight, and stars like Jane Birkin and Cher kept the controversial look alive”60”,”70″and’30s. But ’90 has had a real revival. Complementing the grunge ethos, sheerness is a cult favorite among designers, with Alaïa, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada and Atelier Versace launching various trends on the runway. Although it has become more normalized in the 90 years, the bold look is sure to turn heads in any decade.





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