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“The Apothecary's Diary” Animated Trailer Video Announces New Cast, October Premiere

Hinata Natsu anime adaptation official site


) of

Shino Fujiko ) Light novel series kicks off Saturday with teaser promotional video revealing October premiere and new cast, Takeo Otsuka Scholars.


©Hinata Natsu・Housewifeの友インfuォsu/「薬屋のひとりごと” production committee kusuriya Crunchyroll will stream the animation as it airs.

Yuki Aoi will voice the main character Maomao.

Norihiro Naganuma

( Season 1) is directing animation) Toho Animation and OLM

, Naganuma is also supervising the script.

Akinori Fudesaka is the assistant director.

Yukiko Nakatani (,

) Characters are being designed.

Katsumi Takao () is the art director and Misato Aida () is a chroma key artist.

Yū Nagai () is the CGI director.

Rumi Ishiguro

is the photocompositing supervisor.

Daisuke Imai

is in charge of editing.

Shōji Hata is the Sound Director.

Satoru Kozaki (),

Kai Wen Pengjin () and

Barrel Hazama Arisa

() are all composed music for animation.

kusuriya J-Fiction Club Publishes the novel series digitally, and describes the story: In the East there are A land ruled by an emperor, his harem and maids live in a sprawling complex called a harem. palace. Mao Mao, an unremarkable girl, was raised by her pharmacist father in an unremarkable small town. She never thought that the harem would have anything to do with her-until she was kidnapped and sold there to serve.

Although she looks ordinary, Mao Mao is quick-witted, has a sharp mind, and has profound medical skills. It’s her secret until she meets a palace man who is at least as perceptive as she is: the eunuch chief jinshi. He saw through Mao Mao’s mask and made her the maidservant of the emperor’s favorite concubine… let her taste the poison of the imperial concubine’s food!


Hinata began to serialize the story on the “Let’s become a novelist” website in October 2014.

Shufunotomo published a book drawn by Shino in August First print edition illustrated 2017 and shipping in February . J-Novel Society

will publish the eighth volume in May .

Mao Cangmao at

Introduced a manga adaptation of the light novel series

by Square Enix

May Magazine2011.

Square Enix

published the manga February.

Square Enix Manga & Books is publishing the manga adaptation in English and it published the eighth volume of the manga in July.

material Source: Anime Website, Manga Natalie 194948




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