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The Avengers ‒ Episode 10

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Another week, another good and thought-provoking episode.

Tensions are rising and everything is picking up Seams separate. I think my favorite part of the whole setup is how it meets audience expectations while upping the ante. is coming into the spotlight, which has everyone involved risking their lives to deal with the fallout.

The opening of Ikarii and Caimen Zhishitang The dialogue is maybe my favorite part of this episode. What at first seemed to be a superficial discussion of art turned out to be a way for Usui to feel Saimon’s sincerity and judge for himself the authenticity of the request. It’s just solid writing, the basic building blocks of setting and payoff, showing deft control of craftsmanship.

but added to the art and it’s with Raizo Relationships are what I find most interesting. Usui takes this as an opportunity to discuss with Raizo what he plans to do after all this is over, and tells him that there is a way other than seppuku after the dust settles. Obviously, he still has a long way to go as an entertainer, from which he can learn and grow in the future. He’s just getting started and he’s got so much talent, it would be a shame to lose it at such a young age.

However there are deeper comments about Raizo’s whole life. Like an artist who, in later life, begins to admire their ugly creations, Raizo may develop a new perspective on what’s going on with the clan. Apparently, he did take the life of his father-in-law, which in turn took the life of his wife, but he was also just following orders from his superiors – which we later found out to be a lie. But even if the mission wasn’t cheated and Raizang did his part, he’d likely spend his life as a warrior. In this capacity, he would go on killing people, even when those killings were justified, but dedicating himself to ending the lives of others is a tragedy. Maybe that, in a strange way, created an opportunity for Raizo to break away from that path and create beauty as an artist.

And Soji and the nun’s everything casino is very Awesome and moody too. Honestly, when the season ends, I’m going to be pretty bummed.


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