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The Avengers ‒ Episode 8

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Community Rating: 4.0

This episode is filled with brilliant introspection on the nature of craftsmanship, killing, and the series’ core egos. Like all great introspective episodes, none of the questions posed are fully answered, but they leave the audience and characters wondering what’s going to happen next.

Discussion of Craft and Killing makes up this week’s entry first half of . Raizou has a long conversation with Usui about art and leaving Revengers, and he’s followed by another conversation with Father Sada about the nature of death and labor. Both questions revolve around the basic question of what Raizou does and what he wants to do. Is there a truly noble profession? Isn’t paying for labor just another form of trading coins for someone’s life, albeit over a longer period of time? Raizou is forced to come to terms with whether he can get away with this life of killing, or if he’s just trading a one-hit death for a thousand-knife death.

If that wasn’t enough, let’s make the concept Pushed to its logical limits by forces beyond the group’s control. There’s really only one rule – the coin must be bitten seriously to show genuine intent. Well, now the Chapel is asking for a job to be done without taking a bite, and another group of Avengers is getting a minimal amount of work. It’s a tacit acknowledgment of how abused such a system can be, but it also illustrates how any system can be abused: throw enough coins at someone and suddenly a lot of technical details get washed away or ignored.

We don’t need to see further than we do The reality now is more important than that Special observations are.

And of course there are shocking twists in the show The final moments of the episode were sniped. Things can get really explosive very quickly.


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