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The bad taste of “bad sisters”

We get it – it’s just too much. So this year, we’re giving our editors a last-minute chance to fill in what might have been missed. Check out everything you should really be reading, watching or listening to – plus more of our review coverage from this year – here.

as creator of disaster, motherland, and criminal – watched the comedy A work of genius, ie Pulling,

Sharon Horgan might announce that she’s cutting her own toenails live and I’ll tune in. Still, it was a special surprise to see Horgan venture into new waters when Bad Sisters seemed to pop up on Apple TV+ this year. While her trademark snarky, deadpan humor is still common and popular, the show’s mix of a unique comedic voice with a twisting premise proved to be a solid hit.

Set in a charming but somewhat unremarkable Dublin suburb on the Irish coast, the story follows four wayward Garvey sisters (led by Hogan) who band together to consider killing them Brother-in-law JP (Claes Bang), the obnoxious, abusive husband of their meek fifth sister Grace (Anne-Marie Duff) – there are plenty of obstacles in the way.

But I’m not here to spoil it – I’m supposed to write this to convince you to watch it – so what’s my first recommendation? Generally excellent cast. Bad Sisters features a few relatively well-known names: Bang as the repulsive JP, Duff as the suave wife who tramples with wild glee, and a rising star Eve Hewson and Darryl McCormack play the free-spirited Garvey’s youngest sister and her current lover, respectively (though the latter may have ulterior motives for getting close to her, as we’ll soon learn).

And some lesser-known (but no less instructive) characters: Eva Birthistle as a sister who betrays her husband through an affair with kids, and wrestling with guilt; Sarah Greene’s other sister, whose crass antics hide a more vulnerable side – her blinders foreshadow darker backgrounds that inevitably involve JP .

Another great thing about Bad Sisters? Sounds obvious, but it’s really, really fun. The gripping twists and turns of the show – spanning two different timelines: first, when the sisters start discussing the plot to kill JP, and then after his death (let’s piece together how exactly it happened) – will be Enough to sustain its 10 episodes. But by adding flashes of hilarious silliness to the darker moments, the show has crafted its own unique tone and texture, and you’ll find yourself reacting to one horrific act of violence, then laughing at another A botched attempted murder. Eye.




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