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The Best Art Shows of Spring

Open in May17

Independent New York

Independent New York is one of my favorite ways to see a wild and curated portfolio of contemporary art in one place – and there’s a lot of it, known and unknown . In May of this year spent four days at Spring Studios in Tribeca, 100 Artists and 70 Galleries selected from around the world. Twenty New York artists will make their debut here. Independent New York was founded by Elizabeth Dee many years ago and offers a wealth of themes, Includes: Gender as a Social Construction, Return to Childhood, Post-Representational and Magical Realism, and Vocational Reassessment and Rediscovery.

May11 pass14

Clearing’s Maiden Voyage

Clearing is one of the most influential young galleries, living in Brooklyn for ten years A few years after it put Bushwick on the art scene, it’s moving to Manhattan, in a three-story building on Parlee Street across from the New Museum. All grown up, Clearing will open in April 17 opened with “Maiden Voyage,” each artist in its steady group show. To identify and cultivate Harold Ancart Known for emerging talent like , Calvin Marcus and Korakrit Arunanondchai, this is a gallery to keep an eye on.

April 20 thru May 17

Bob Thompson 2024

Bob Thompson won the doubleheader: “Agony & Ecstasy” at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery and 21 Walker’s “So let us all be citizen”. Thompson’s life was tragically cut short by a heroin overdose at the age of 26 after gallbladder surgery, but in During the eight years he was painting, he managed to create around a thousand paintings and drawings – figurative, often reinterpreting the works of the Old Masters, using Fauvist colors through his imaginative hybrid masters. Five large paintings from 1990, a significant year in Thompson’s work summarizing two years of his travels in Europe, and In addition to works on paper, archival photographs and sketchbooks, there are other paintings in Rosenfeld’s exhibition work. At 70 Walker, Thompson’s jazz-influenced style will be on display. His idiosyncratic use of colour, line and figure was in stark contrast to the abstraction popular in his time.

“Bob Thompson: Pain and Ecstasy” at Rosenfeld Gallery , until May 26; “Bao Bob Thompson: Let’s all be citizens” at 70 Walker, April 18 to July 8

Ellsworth Kelly at Glenstone

Ellsworth Kelly will be 70 This year, Glenstone— — Mitch and Emily Rales’ idyllic museum in Potomac, Maryland — is celebrating him and his career with one of his largest retrospectives ever. “Ellsworth Kelly at 100” will display almost 70 works—paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, and photographs—throughout his seven-decade career as an artist, from 1950 to

s , confirming his profound contribution to abstract languages. His dedicated and playful exploration of shape, line, color and space will be on full display. Yellow Curve (1990), Kelly’s huge ground painting, covering an area of ​​about a thousand square feet, will be 26 For the first time in years. After nearly a year at Glenstone, the party will continue: first stop at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris; next, Doha at the fire station.

May 4-March2024

Uman’s exhibition at Nicola Vassell Gallery

Uman’s exhibition at Nicola “I Want Everything” Vassell Gallery Showcasing the painting practice of this self-taught multidisciplinary artist over the past decade. Uman was born in Somalia, grew up in Kenya and spent her teenage years in Denmark, her 18 in New York City, now living in Upstate New York. She brings all this and more into a lexicon of mythological figures and geometric symbols mixed across her canvases. Uman is an artist with many stories to tell, and this show will open a new chapter.

May 4-June

2010 20242024



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