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The best beauty looks at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

Every year, the Venice Film Festival rivals the Cannes Film Festival in the spring – a second chance to celebrate a series of upcoming hits with the same cinematic glamour. This year’s 79 iteration is no different, offering a series of stylish and stylized beauty moments that make onlookers forget that everything that tends to air dry in summer needs a fine polish.

Jodie Turner-Smith of White Noise showed her off in a full gown at the festival’s opening ceremony Glitter dress onyx eyeshadow lids and a quartet of finger waves, those fringe rows of rhinestones. Tessa Thompson’s wet mane didn’t sacrifice texture, with a tendril that accentuated the carmine waves dangling from her back, held in place with the help of a covered necklace. Then, jury chair Julianne Moore balanced her pungent, sheer and refracting Alaïa with a demure low ponytail that ended with a black butterfly, making the headband one of the most enduring finishes of the year.

Grace Elizabeth leaned into the allure of her short haircut, deeply parted her crow chops, and held it perfectly in place— Except for a section of bangs, it provides a femme fatale effect.

Here, the best beauty looks Get up (so far!) from the 2022 Venice Film Festival.



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