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The Best Beauty Looks at the 2023 Oscars

The Academy Awards 2023 is the final curtain call of awards season, requiring cast and collaborators to make all the beauty-centric pauses. While every annual event has a certain vibe, the Oscars are all about (often exaggerated) elegance, with descriptors shifting to match the current style scene.

hair, for example, perfectly fits the latest runway. Black bows completed Vanessa Hudgens and Florence Pugh’s sleek, polished buns; a one-night-only set of bangs at Pugh’s brought extra edge. Halle Bailey’s bold braids slanted like statues, a feel also favored by Danai Gurira’s towering updo. Meanwhile, sleek nape knots, like Cara Delevingne’s, are set off with messy, voluminous finishes, like those at Halle Berry and Angela Bassett (Angela Bassett) et al. Ana De Armas’s center-parted sepia paired perfectly with frothy petal pink, while Lady Gaga and Andie MacDowell wore bold liners for deeper glam Brands provide a reason. Rihanna, her big belly and her red lip and manicure combo are an aesthetic feast in itself.

Here are the best looks from the Oscars red carpet.



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