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The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers, According to Beer Lovers

by retailerFor beer lovers, this is a good time to be alive. There are more breweries than ever these days, riding a wave of constant innovation and impressive craftsmanship. This is a golden age for those who appreciate a good IPA, post-crisp or warm stout.

When your favorite beer lover or family has a birthday, or you just want to give a gift , the question arises: what will you send them? Well, unless they’re still in college, they probably don’t need a beer helmet or clamshell suit. Beer culture can be as broad and complex as wine, and there are plenty of gifts to prove it.

  • Beer Bible: Second Edition
  • Workers Press

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  • Gold Full Beer Equipment Kit

  • Ohio Homebrew
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  • Collect Your National Park Glassware
  • Rare Item

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    Bar Logo Humor Coasters


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    Homebrew Yearbook

    Country News

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    Custom Etched Growler UncommonGoods

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      best gifts for beer lovers

      Beer Academy T-Shirt Urban Outfitters

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      Fire Hose Beer Comfort Set

    • Rare
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    Does he like brewing history? There is a book that addresses this problem. Has he always wanted to do these things? There are good kits. Does he like a delicious glass or beer-friendly snack? Well, there are many. From corkscrews and retro posters to coolers and beer-infused mustards, there are plenty of great options for any foam lover.

    This is the best gift of a lifetime for a beer lover.

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    Workers Press Beer Bible: Second Edition

      Ohio Homebrew

    Golden Full Beer Equipment Kit

  • Rare Item

    Collect Your National Park Glassware

    Rare item

  • Bar Logo Humor Coasters


    Michelada Mix

    Village News

    Home Brewing Teacher Yearbook

  • Rare Item

    Custom Etched Growler

    City Outfitters

    Beer Academy T-Shirt

  • Rare Item

  • Fire Hose Beer Comfort Set


  • Peroni Italian Beer Mug
  • BlackDogIronworks

    Forge Opener

  • Society 6

    Vintage Prohibited Print

      Scott Jaa Nish

      New International Phonetic Alphabet: A Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor


      Classic Newcastle Shirt

    • Annette Alice Design


      Shannan Pierce

      Guinness Taste Test Wall Clock

    • Greens Steel

      stainless steel cup

      The logo is unique

      Newcastle Brown Beer Bar Towel

    • Lucky Brand

      Coors Golden Beer Graphic T-Shirt

        30 watts

        Shower Beverage Holder

    • Super Food


      Big Green Egg

    • Beer Can Roast Chicken

      • idonicangkemem

        Bourdon Beer Poster

    • Antarctic Star

      Beverage refrigerator

      North Coast Brewing Company

      Old Rasputin Russian Empire Stout

    • Thoughtful Food

      Beer Flavored Hot Sauce Set

    • mark inventory Mark Stock is a food, beverage and outdoor writer from Portland, Oregon.



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