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The Best Jeans for Tall Women in 2022 with the Perfect Fit

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It took me a long time to learn how to dress for my height . For years, I thought the best jeans for tall women were jeans that could be tucked into the boots to hide how short they were, lest the exposed ankles get frostbite – or worse, mocking!

At five feet eleven, I was always taller than my friends, and by the time I was in my twenties, I had accepted my fate because my pants were always a little too short. Tailoring every pair of shoes I buy feels too aspirational (not to mention expensive). Instead, I allowed myself to accept the fact that I would never wear the immortal wide-leg pants of Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, and others. But even as I accept what I believe to be a brutal twist of genetic fate, I wonder why women’s sizing is so much simpler than men’s. The process of buying a pair of men’s pants seems simple: tuck in the waist, drop the crotch, and voila! Perfect fit. After years of watching the men in my life buy jeans and even bother to try them on, I think it’s starting to approach women’s pants the way men approach them: by shopping and searching — strictly by the inseam.

This may not seem revolutionary, but by taking my denim search completely online and paying more careful attention to the inseam before ordering, I was able to find out that actually Fitted jeans . I quickly learned which inseams fit me, where they would bump, what shoes would look best in them, and the pants from retailers that didn’t specify inseams were almost always too short. After years – no, decades! – Walking around with bare ankles, I found out that tall women can find the perfect pair of jeans without going to the tailor. You just need to know what to look for. Ahead, ten pairs of jeans that are best for tall women.

Mother Denim Maven Heel Jean

Several Mother Denim styles are available in “heel” lengths, which Means longer inseam for those of us who might need it without the extra height. This wide-leg, high-waisted piece looks great with chunky boots or sneakers or flats (depending on the length you need).

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Mama Maven Wide Leg Jeans

Frame Le High-Rise

It’s not every day I talk to strangers in line at Sweetgreen, but when I see people frantically putting this together 39 s-inspired jeans, I had to ask where she got them. If you’re interested in wider legs, but you’re not ready for the disco yet, this subtle silhouette is a great place to start.

Frame Le High Flared Jeans

Rag & Bone ICON Casey High Rise Flare

Speaking of flares, I admit it took me a minute to embrace flares and boots The return of style denim. But now I’m on my toes and there’s no turning back. These high-waisted flared jeans have perfect stretch, as well as wide inseams and a flattering high waist.

Rag & Bone Icon Casey High Waist Flare Jeans

Ulla Johnson Genevieve Jeans

I’I’m obsessed with Ulla Johnson’s these stiff (I mean is absolutely no stretch) high-waisted jeans. Pink denim isn’t like my typical dark-hued rotation, but these heavyweights have made their way into my weekly rotation. A word of caution: If you’re like me, and you’re a little too used to doing some stretch on your denim, save yourself the hassle of swapping and buy a size larger.

Ulla Johnson Genevieve Pinplet Non-Stretch Jeans Gap High’36s loose Jeans

Gap has one of the best inseam selections and most of their styles are available in petite, regular and tall sizes. After months of searching, these high-waisted jeans were my first really successful attempt at casual straight-leg jeans.

Image may contain: Clothing, Pants, and Jeans Gap High’ 36s loose jeans

Totême High Waist Bucket Leg Raw Edge Denim

Say hello to your new errand jeans – three colors! Three inseams! Sculptural silhouette! Tall women really

can have everything.

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Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans

If you’re five or nine years old, then you’re no doubt familiar with Madewell’s tall and taller sections. The brand offers dozens of styles, not just one, but two extra inseam lengths, and the brand’s comfortable and consistent size options are The first choice for tall women. I just started wearing their perfect vintage jeans and I can’t recommend them enough.

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Madewell Tall Perfect Vintage Jeans

Levis Wide Legs

Levi’s’ super soft High Loose styles are not only available in two styles 23 and – inch inseam but with – inches of rise and just the right amount of stretch, these pants are comfortable enough, Can withstand an eight-hour remote workday (you know, there are days when you want to push yourself).

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Levi’s Chest Wide Leg Jeans

Everlane Way High Jean

Tall Women Rejoice Inspiration: Everlane has been steadily expanding the number of its long styles. this’95 s-inspired pair makes me feel like My Best Julia Roberts in Friend’s Wedding – You know, when she chased Dermot Mulroney’s character down Michigan Avenue in a stolen van?

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Abercrombie High Waist Baggy Jeans

Is it just me, or is everyone suddenly starting to dress like the cool version Travis Birkenstock? I just mourned my skinny jeans collection when suddenly every cool teen on Tiktok started wearing the same baggy jeans. A pair of skinny jeans that are slightly too short is forgivable in my opinion, but wrong inseam on a baggy pair? We can’t go there.

While I was hesitant to buy a style I was sure would hover awkwardly inches off the ground, this affordable pair from Abercrombie has proven surprisingly flattering . If you haven’t already, check out their denim collection – several styles (including this one) are available in long and long.

Abercrombie & Fitch High Waist Loose Jeans




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