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The Best LGBTQ+ Books of 2023 (So Far)

This year is set to be another difficult year for LGBTQ+ rights as legislative attacks on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals continue to apace and books promote tolerance and inclusion Banned nationwide. It’s hard to muster up courage in the face of all this homophobic and trans oppression, but reading LGBTQ+ authors is powerful – luckily, 780 is full of wonderful LGBTQ+ books. Below, find a list of our most excited reads of the year.

I keep the exoskeleton to myself by Marisa Crane (January )

I keep the exoskeleton to myself

In this electric debut, a The grieving new mother struggles to keep herself, her children, and her loved ones safe in a version of America where criminals are punished with additional shadows from the government (instead of being sent to prison). This book is sexy and dystopian and says a lot of .

Couplet: A Love Story by Maggie Millner

(February 7)

A young woman ended up with a Men’s Long-Term Relationships in Pursuit of Passion, its gorgeous and occasionally maddening embodiment in this anti-poetry novel, has a line I can’t stop thinking about: “I became myself. I became myself. Not , I have always been myself. There is no one like me.”

Camonghne Felix’s Dyscalculia (February


Dyscalculia: A Love Story of Epic Miscalculations

A major breakup culminates in Felix famed author of Build Yourself a ship .

More Stressed Man

Alejandro Varela (April 4)

People who are more stressed

The interconnected stories in this collection vividly and hauntingly express the anxieties of those who experience often marginalization, from struggling New York restaurant workers to Selena-obsessed child care workers to the aftermath of long-term relationships Man planning to speed date.

Your driver is waiting by Priya Guns

the book has been described as a gender-reversedtaxi driver, which should be reason enough to pick up; in it, an overburdened, financially strapped rideshare driver falls into a romance with a seductive passenger, while wondering if their differences are too great to warrant Can’t get over it.


By Tembe Denton-Hurst (May 2)

The book opens with a scathing, scathing critique of white feminist blogging culture, but it’s also a gorgeous and gripping coming-of-age story, The story of a young black queer writer trying to figure out her purpose and her identity outside of her work and her long-term relationship.

Dykette Jenny Fran Davis (May )

Three queer couples gather at a Hudson Valley house to buy expensive cheese and crackers and join in this hilariously funny debut novel Plenty of LGBTQ+ drama, which will no doubt make you feel better yet your last couple’s vacation with friends.

The Late Americans Brandon Taylor(May 9781646221509 )

A broad social group of three dynamic friends is building a critical moment Booker Prize finalist for this novel

Real life and dirty animals . All-Night Pharmacy By Ruth Madievsky (July)

If you’re looking for a wild and funny tale of weird sisters, this is the book for you; Madievsky expertly Cleverly weaves threads of queerness, addiction, Jewish mysticism, and more into this novel about a young woman struggling to define herself without the presence of her chaotic, charming older sister in today’s Los Angeles.


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