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The Best Looks of Afropunk in Brooklyn in 2022

Afropunk is getting ready to return to Brooklyn for the first time since 2019. Headlines The Roots and Burna Boy all but guaranteed huge turnout. Rebooted last weekend, showcasing a festive look as exciting as the lineup of performers.

Stylish attendees arrive in Barrie in September 10 and A spectacle of Commodore Park leather, folded chains, and colorful prints, matching the energy of their favorite artist. Cosplayer Anuli Duru kept things glamorous with a wide-brimmed hat (which rests above prosthetic elf ears) and leather straps layered over a mesh tee, while MUA and stylist Moshoodat were a hilarious dream wearing Pearl two-piece and matching drop earrings.

The musicians did just as well, with Afrobeats heavyweight Adekunle Gold wearing a custom Vivendii leather jacket with the most disgusting Galaxy Airbrush detailing. London-based DJ Talia Goddess kept things a little more casual, opting for a Vance Cap, her record label tank top and frugal ski pants when she took to the stage to perform her set.

There are more outfits to take notes, Vogue can capture it all. Below, our favorites to watch Afropunk this past weekend.



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