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The Best Red Lipsticks of 2022: 20 Shades Celebrities Wore

Eye-catching red lips have an undeniable charm. When done right, transform any look with just a swipe of the best red lipstick for an unparalleled confidence boost. “When I started applying makeup, the first thing I learned was that red is a power color,” says makeup artist Vincent Oquundo. “I think red lipstick can make one’s makeup look more complete and elegant.” But like so many products in our growing beauty marketplace, there are new shades to discover every day.

Whether it’s matte or glossy, bright apple or rich burgundy, we’re sure your lips will be the center of attention. When deciding which shade is right for you, pros say it takes trial and error, although many recommend keeping your undertones in mind. “There are no rules, you just have to try the colors you like. Get it right and you’ll know!” says celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee.

While you may think that deep red is best for red carpet or glamorous beauty moments, there are ways to sport red lips during the day . Think: Sheer pigments and fuzzy finishes for a healthy, sexy pout (as described by professional makeup artist Romy Soleimani). Save accuracy for night wear!

So, in our search for the best red lips, who better to lead from Hollywood trends Where do you get inspiration? Read on to discover the lipsticks found on some of our favorite celebrities.

Keira Knightley

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