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The Best TV Shows of 2023 (So Far)

Paramount + upcoming adaptation of the 1988 Adrian Lane film. Here, the story of Dan Gallagher – a New York lawyer and family man who met a woman named Alex Forrest through his work; agreed A passionate love affair; then having to resist her increasingly erratic (and eventually violent) advances – from where the original ended. While on one timeline, we see unpleasant trysts in different decades (1988 years), newer scenes (California) and capable new actors ( Joshua Jackson) as dashing Dan; Lizzy Caplan – fresh off a stellar performance in Fleishman Is in Trouble , but less in crime Good – as worrying Alex), another track finds Dan some 10 or 15 years later; estranged from his now-adult daughter, seeking parole for Alex’s murder, and eager to prove he didn’t actually do it. Despite all the sly winks to its source material (Caplan’s Alex, like Glenn Close’s, loves black leather), this Fatal Attraction

is a very different beast . -MMBeef(April)

In Beef on Netflix , Steven Yeun goes head-to-head with Ali Wong – both performers are in good spirits and spirits in new Netflix show from A10 Confused. Yeun plays an underpaid handyman, while Wong plays an entrepreneur who sets up a business selling all kinds of air plants that you can’t escape when you enter West Elm. He feels guilty because his parents lost their motel and had to return to South Korea while his deadbeat brother traded cryptocurrencies; while her sculptor husband was at home with his clay pots, she was trying to Her company sells to the likes of Home Depot. Both characters feel deeply wronged, and when their paths do collide in a road rage incident, each becomes the target of the other’s rage. The show is dark and comical, ironically sinking its teeth into some disturbing realities. — CS

Tiny Beautiful Things on Hulu (April)

Kathryn Hahn Featuring

Tiny Beautiful Things, another female-centric show. Loosely based on the Dear Sugar advice column that ran on The Rumpus, and defined the early episodes of online advice, the show follows its reluctant author as she mines her own troubled life for advice that sometimes feels more like tonal poetry. Dear Sweetheart, it’s actually Cheryl Strayed, who later became famous for her memoir Wild, so it’s a bit awkward to map Strayed’s own biography onto the character Hahn plays. But Hahn pulls it off, an attractive but messy protagonist whose story you want to hear. — CS

will be at some point in

Dead Ringers

on Amazon is without a doubt one of the most intriguing TV spots of the year, Dead Ringers stars Rachel Weisz as twin gynecologists — one whose dubious attitude toward his job ends up putting them both at risk Medium – and has been adapted for white people – popular author Alice Birch, whose previous works include Lady Macbeth and Normal People . (Finally, if that wasn’t enough to pique your curiosity, the show is also a gender-swapped update of David Cronenberg’s 1988 horror-thriller of the same name, Jay Jeremy Irons in the title role.) Much of the show’s details are still shrouded in mystery for now, but if Weisz and Birch have anything to do with it, you can expect this delicious depravity (and probably Divisive) treats are conversation starters, and it’s coming to Amazon Prime Video later this year. —LH

AMC Happy Valley

After a seven-year hiatus, Sally Wainwright’s Crime Masterpiece Happy Valley

is back (at least in the UK; expected later this year on AMC in the US) and will air on the BBC’s New Year’s Day slot. If anyone was worried that the long window between this series and the final one would soften Sarah Lancashire’s beloved Sheriff Catherine Cawood, they needn’t be. Opening with the discovery of a body in a quarry – which, of course, turns out to be about Catherine’s timeless foil, the now-imprisoned Tommy Lee Royce, played again with diabolical charisma by James Norton – — she quickly reprimanded her colleagues after they made condescending comments about her: “I’ll leave it to you – twats.” (Catherine, never change.) Too many twists and turns to even shake a baton Moving – Lancashire and Siobhan Feneran as her docile sister Claire, their often breathtaking performances have sparked award talk in the UK – Happy Valley looks set to cement its reputation as one of the greatest British plays of the past decade. —LH

Idol on HBO



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