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The Best Waterliner Eyeliners to Brighten Tired Eyes

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To our dismay, it can be quite difficult to cover up tired eyes – whether it’s from poor sleep or just general exhaustion. Eyes say it all! Thankfully, the brightening waterline eyeliner instantly wakes up tired eyes.

“It brightens the eyes and makes your eyes look more awake by default!” says celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon. “It also creates the illusion of big eyes – I also like to use a glitter pencil in the inner corners to elongate and trick the shape.” The professional who counts Rachel Brosnahan, Florence Welch and Kate Bock as clients explains the idea Made to neutralize or cover the waterline with natural pink, red or dark shades. In a way, it’s like color correction for the eyes.

Regarding what shade to choose to brighten the waterline, Aharon notes that “it really depends on your skin tone, the natural color of the waterline and The effect you want.” For every day, she favors off-white or nude shades that are more versatile and subtle than pure white. “Bright white can give you a more editorial or dramatic feel,” she says, “although on fair skin [it] will be less noticeable.”

Image may contain Face Human Person and FingerImage may contain Face Human Person and Finger

Makeup artist Peter Philips at Dior’s Spring for Model etched eye-catching white eyeliner 81 Haute Couture show earlier this year to complement the collection’s metallic and White shade. “This series is smoother and less graphics,” Philips previously told Fashion . “Black eye makeup makes it more classic, white makes it brighter.”

This technique is also a favorite of celebrities. Victoria Beckham muses that she “can’t live without” using the eponymous beauty brand’s instant brightening waterline pencil. “I rarely get a full night’s rest, but, thanks to that, nobody knows,” Beckham said. “The neutral shade balances out any redness on my waterline and brightens the whites of my eyes. I almost consider it part of my skincare routine. If I don’t wear makeup, you can trust I didn’t skip my Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil. I like to call this a magical moment in my daily life.”

Whether you like it for everyday wear or for glamour, it’s easy to create the illusion of bright eyes with just one swipe. Below, shop a few of the best waterline eyeliners to choose from.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Instant Brightening Waterline Pen

The first choice of Beckham and Aharon, this pencil won don’t mislead you. Contains Aloe Vera and Ginseng to not only neutralize redness, but also soothe and condition the lash line at the same time. What’s more, Aharon says this all-purpose pencil has a “beautiful cream color that will flatter even the darkest skin tones.”

Victoria Beckham Beauty Instant Brightening Waterliner


Victoria Beckham Beauty

Image may contain: Pencil

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Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil in 20 characters

Chanel makes some of our favorite eyeliners, so we’ve kept it to brighten the shade, Char, and most importantly. It’s a soft peach nude with a semi-matte finish that provides the ultimate barely-there tint for subtle lighting.

Image may contain: Pencil

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Diorshow Khôl Pencil White Cole Image may contain: Pencil

Take a page from Philips’ playbook and buy the eyeliner he used on the aforementioned Dior show. He shaded White Khôl, who referred to the waterline and roots of the lashes as the “white-grey veil”. The cream pencil even has a blending tip to further customize your look.

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Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Eye Cheat

Love classics like black and navy Fans of the shades of Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner should definitely grab its brights. Specifically designed to add width and fullness to the eyes, this pencil is infused with crushed pearl powder to moisturise and smooth skin as you apply – not to mention it’s waterproof for up to Hour.

Image may contain: Pencil

Image may contain Face Human Person and Finger

Image may contain: Pencil Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Eye Cheat


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Glossier No. 1 Pure White Pencil

in that bright white The market for linings? Add this Glossier pencil to cart. Its creamy, long-wearing formula is designed to infuse bold punch with strokes of vibrant color applied to the waterline or anywhere you want to define the etched line.

Glo ssier No. 1 Pure White Pencil


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Surratt Beauty Inner Light Baton Image may contain: Pencil

Think of this eyeliner from Surratt Beauty as a 2-in-1 must-have for brightening eyes. One side features traditional redness-reducing waterline paint, while the other is a gold shimmer highlighter that adds a touch of sheen to the inner corners or brow bone.

Image may contain: PencilImage may contain: PencilImage may contain: Pencil

Surratt Beauty Inner Light Baton

Image may contain: Pencil$16


Image may contain: Pencil

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Image may contain: Pencil Chantecaille Eye-Brightening Kajal – Nude

“It’s soft, glides on easily, and has a soft pink tint that’s very flattering and works on inner corners,” says Aharon . The featured aloe vera in the formula means it shouldn’t irritate the lash line while brightening the whites of your eyes.

Chantecaille Eye Brightening Kajal – Nude



Image may contain: Pencil

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Jillian Dempsey Khôl Eyeliner Pencil in FTA White

When we asked celebrity makeup artists for the best eyeliner, Jillian Dempsey’s formula was at Romy Soleimani’s recommendation appears below. Infused with shea butter and a blend of jojoba and marula oils, the pigment continues with smooth precision. Get an eye-opening, waterproof look with its shade FTA White.

Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Pencil Image may contain: Pencil

Trish McEvoy’s pencil is described as a bright pale pink and is that faint brightener you’ve been looking for. A multitasker of course, this can also be used to accentuate the inner corners and brow bone.

Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Pencil



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Make Up Forever Artist Colored Pencils in 33 Boundless Thick soup

Make Up For Ever’s multipurpose colored pencils are a must-have for travel makeup bags because they’re designed with eyes, lips, and brows in mind. You can’t go wrong with its nude Boundless Bisque to counteract any eye redness.

Forever Makeup Artist Colored Pencils 29 Boundless Soup


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