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'The Big Bang Theory' Nearly Casts Marisa Tomei, New Book Revealed (Exclusive)

Will itThe Big Bang TheoryNo Kaley Cuoco as Penny?

In The Big Bang Theory: The definitive insider on the epic hit series, author Jessica Radloff reveals in upcoming comedy oral history : Marisa Tomei, Both Tara Reed and Elizabeth Berkeley were tipped to play the roles of lovely neighbors, and eventually, after a table reading and spoiling the pilot, she went to the fan-favorite actress.

Radlove’s oral history (due in October via Grand Central Publishing) Interview 1235121289 ) people, including co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, longtime show producer Steve Moraro and stars Cuco (Penny), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Simon Helberg (Howard), Kunal Nayyar (Raj), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy).

Below, The Hollywood Reporter shares the untold stories readers can expect A preview, this exclusive excerpt offers a rare glimpse into what might have become the longest-running multicam comedy in TV history. And listen to TV’s Top 5 on Friday to receive Radloff about her book and other big discoveries she’s made The interview is in her report.

Now the characters Sheldon and Leonard are in place, yes Time to choose the heroine Katie. The character’s name was originally Penny (“Sheldon and Leonard met this woman on the street; she was a lucky little guy,” Prady explained), but at the time, CBS had another pilot with a character named Penny​​​ compete, and ask Lorre and Prady to change it to something else. They agreed. But even with the new name, Katie’s character is nothing like the Penny character audiences will know and love. Penny exudes Midwestern innocence and optimism. Katie is cynical, unlucky, and repulsive.

Ken Miller [Casting Director]: 1235121289 Kaley Cuoco went to the network and tested The first pilot of the Big Bang . She’s so sunny and lively and they just love her, but she just doesn’t bring that dark quality to it. In the first incarnation, she is not Penny’s essence.

Twenty-something Cuoco for more experienced Katie Saying she looked a little too young, Katie made her first appearance on the side of the road, crying over the breakup while on the phone.

Kaley Cuoco (“Penny Hofstadter”): I love this character and I love Chuck. When I was fourteen or fifteen, I worked with him on a pilot named Nathan’s Choice. I know Chuck really wanted me to play the role of Katie, and I was definitely upset when I didn’t get it, but I have a way of moving on because you have to.

In fact, at a very early age, Marisa Tomei was Considered for the show and auditioned with Jim Parsons.

9781538708491 Jim Parsons: 1235121289 I already played the role of Sheldon before the dust settled A very long time. I read with Marisa Tomei. Johnny had already been cast, but he was performing in New York. I came back to read with her. I remember we went to the snack bar and told Ken and Nikki [Valko, casting director], “I’ve never auditioned for anyone before!” They said, “Well, she’s really auditioning you.” I went , “Oh, that makes sense.” But, my gosh, what a different world that would be.

Bill Prady: 1235121289 Tara Reed also played the role of Katie, and I think Elizabeth Berkeley came into the network for that role as well. She is amazing.

Amanda Walsh, Canadian actress as Jenna Ha Elbert was also brought into the first round of casting on the short-lived ABC series Children .

Amanda Walsh (“Katie”): Sons & Daughters There might be a second season, but it doesn’t look great. I had a very positive first audition for the role of Katie for Big Bang and I loved the script. But I was not selected.

Jody Lynn O’Keefe, the most famous movie of the time was That’s what she did and at all costs , auditioned for Katie, and got the part. Iris Bahr, credited from Friends to Curb Your Enthusiasm , was cast as the second female character, Gilda, a scientist with a crush on Leonard, also had sex with Sheldon at the Star Trek convention. 1235121289

Bill Prady: Jodi is just an amazing actress, she went on as Wolowitz in Prostitutes met in Las Vegas appear on the show. If you want someone who can give you a tough, street-hardened woman to play that role, then the Jody you want is the guy you want. She is just an amazing woman and I love everything she does. Iris Bahr is a wonderful woman and I still keep in touch with her.

Now that the cast is in place, Johnny Galecki thinks it takes time before night of reading and recording Time to network with Jim Parsons would be helpful. While Katie and Gilda feature prominently in the pilot episode, the show’s premise does center on Sheldon and Leonard.

Johnny Geertsky: I asked Jim to meet me the afternoon before the first table read, Because we don’t know each other very well. It’s always a weird thing when you’re not in a relationship with someone and suddenly you’re playing their best friend. I like to do what is called an accelerated union, where you share a lot with each other. This usually requires some wines to open within six hours and be honest with each other. [laughs] So, we did it. We had many bottles of wine and learned that we had a lot in common, including our grandfather who worked on the railroad and both of our fathers who died at a very young age. I think we all passed out on my living room couch at one point. Then we woke up and started reading the first lesson. Obviously, it’s going well. [laugh]

Cast , producers, writers and executives gathered the next day to read aloud for the show’s first table. It seemed to be going well, but what the actors didn’t know was that the producers felt something was wrong.

Jim Parsons: 1235121289 We read that table and I think Jody is great . After that, I, Johnny, Jodi and Iris will meet at a restaurant. When Johnny texted me and said, “Come on, Jody is fired.” I mean, we just finished reading the form thirty minutes ago. Johnny, Iris and Jodi were already there when Jodi got a call from her agent saying she was fired. By then, I hadn’t done a lot of table reading in my career, but I’m not an idiot – I know when someone is bad. Jody is great . I was stunned. But they read at that table that the character was too harsh on the other characters, anyway, though in my opinion Jody nailed what they wrote.

Johnny Galecki: 1235121289 We were at a Mexican restaurant and I got there first and then Jody walked in and told me she was fired. I thought she was joking. She was like, “No, I’m not kidding.” I was like, “You’re a really good actress because there’s no way.” She finally convinced me that she was being honest, and I was like, “Damn, Let’s get you a margarita.” She said, “I don’t drink.” I was like, “I’m sorry! I just put salt in the wound.”

Nikki Valko: Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is as good as Katie in the original pilot, but it’s just a completely different character. [Jodi] brought a darkness, it just didn’t work, so she was replaced after the table read. We had to recast in three days, so I remember having an audition on Easter Sunday.

Re-entry has auditioned but didn’t get the role and is still waiting for ABC’s Fate of Sons & Daughters . Walsh had a very different look than O’Keeffe, and the casting director wanted it to be a better fit for the role. 1235121289

Amanda Walsh: I got a call from Nikki and Ken’s office and they wanted to It’s rare to see me again on a Sunday morning. So I went to audition again and they said they wanted to test me on Monday morning at Warner Bros. It’s very, very fast. Then on Monday, I walked into the office of Mary Barker, who was the head of casting for Warner Bros. Television, and all the other executives were there. The audition went well, it was fun, and I just waited in this little room. After a while, Chuck came out, shook my hand, and said, “You see.” Normally, you wait for a message from the rep, so this was a special moment. It happened so fast, I don’t remember if they said “you start tomorrow” or “you start this afternoon”. Either way, we’re running.

For more insider, check out Radloff’s book, The Big Bang Theory: The Epic Hit Series Authoritative Insider, due in October . CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER. 1235121289



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