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The bride wears a Chanel Haute Couture wedding dress inspired by Claudia Schiffer

Grace and Matthew had a moment to themselves as guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the lawn before preparing to enter the dinner tent in grand style. “We did our first waltz at the disco to Downey and Joe Emerson’s ‘Baby’, just as the song transitioned to James Brown’s by our house band, The Collective. Before “Wake Up,” Grace said, noting that they then invited all guests to join the dance floor before the hora began. “Shout out to all our very strong friends who not only held me high but also made sure there was absolutely nothing wrong with my wedding dress – not sure how we pulled that one off but thank you guys!”

Dinner features fresh local lobster, steak, roasted vegetables and traditional Jamaican sauces and sides – but dancing remains a priority for this couple. “We also decided to forego the traditional cake-cutting moment to keep the evening upbeat, so Matthew and I casually walked over to the dance floor and sipped champagne while cutting the cake, just the two of us,” says Grace. “I knew from the beginning that my wedding cake had to be Funfetti with buttercream frosting; it’s my favorite flavor and a true testament to my love of desserts.”

Grace then morphed into something more danceable, just before Nile Rodgers and Chic wowed the guests and performed a series of iconic tracks. “He introduced himself with the song ‘Le Freak,’ and immediately the crowd erupted in endless boogie that lasted the entire show,” recalls Grace. “For his finale, Nile asked Matthew and I to dance with him on stage to “Good Times,” as rainbow confetti cascaded down the dance floor—a moment that perfectly summed up the night’s electric, Love and magic; it was pure and unadulterated joy.”

Nile then introduced Mark Ronson, who played a two-hour mix of hip-hop, reggae, funk, soul and disco song. “From start to finish, everyone was smiling and sweating — and Mark pulled it off and kept the momentum going at an all-time high,” Grace said. “In the end, our friend Kaz James took over and hosted a cosmic scene before sunrise. In the end, Matthew and I walked down the beach at 7am 00, hand in hand, and sympathized with the Love and magic filled with awe.”




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