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The cheapest cryptocurrency that can easily 10x your money

Bitcoin continues to consolidate near $21,000 and sales are declining. This is an indicator of a possible bottom, which may then rise steadily over time, before breaking out of the top again at some point in the future. However, Bitcoin may not be the most ideal for those looking for big gains in the next bull run.

Most analysts expect Bitcoin to peak at $100,000 in the next bull run. This is close to 5 times its current price. However, 5x is no big deal in crypto circles, and 100x or more is often possible in a bull market. To get such gains, it is best to start looking for cheap altcoins with explosive growth potential. If you’re not sure which altcoins have this potential, here are 3 you should consider.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

In 2021, Shiba Inu (SHIB) surprised everyone by gaining over 40,000,000%. However, it has taken a hit since then, but the Shiba Inu still has a lot of potential to do bigger things in the next bull run. This is because Shiba Inu’s recently launched destruction tool is taking a large amount of SHIB out of circulation.

For context, over 300 million SHIB tokens were burned this week alone. Over time, this accelerated burn rate will help drive up prices. This is because demand will keep chasing the ever-decreasing number of tokens. With this burning tool, you can’t rule out the possibility that SHIB will reach $0.1 at some point in the future.


XRP (XRP) underperformed in the last bull run, failing to retest the highs it hit in 2017 point. Apart from that, XRP has proven to be one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies. Even in the SEC case against Ripple and the current crypto bear market, XRP has held up its value very well.

It is also worth noting that whales appear to be accumulating the cryptocurrency. Today, Whale Alert announced that $20 million worth of XRP had been moved from the exchange to an unknown wallet. This could be a sign that big money investors are taking a longer-term approach to XRP. When you combine this with the fact that Ripple could win a lawsuit against the SEC, it becomes clear that XRP could be a rough gem at its current price.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is one of the top cryptocurrencies with the most potential and is currently cheap. One of the things that makes Cardano stand out is its rising popularity among investors. For example, in the latest brand intimacy ranking, Cardano ranks higher than well-known brands such as BMW and IKEA.

It also ranks higher than Bitcoin, which is surprising since Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. market. This is a good indicator because once the bulls return to the market, Cardano’s trading volume could surge, which could have a positive impact on its price.



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