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The Classroom of Spy ‒ Episode 8

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screenshot_20230304_082031_hidive©Takemachi Tomari/KADOKAWA/Spy Classroom Production Committee After so long, we finally get away Purgatory of endless flashbacks, start the next impossible mission! Well… sort of. “MISSION: Daughter Dearest I” is more like a prologue to introduction to The basic conflict of this upcoming mission – there’s an assassin on the loose and Lights has to take him out – even though the bulk of the story is actually about giving one of the assassins more character development in The girl who didn’t get her own spotlight in that endless flashback arc. This time around, we meet the titular “dearest daughter” Grete, who is… well. she’s fine. If nothing else, her complex plan to use multiple disguises to try to poison Klaus is the closest the team has come to successfully defeating him in a spy game, what is it? Of course the Lady of Lights still loses because we also can’t have any meaningful character development or plot digressions happen Quickly bypasses these parts, but hey, at least it feels like we’re going to Somewhere reappeared after wasting weeks. The downside of Grete’s focus is that she’s probably by far the most unobtrusive Agent Lamplight, besides being very, very smart, her only discernible character trait is that she’s not good at teaching. The whole “romantic” angle To be honest, push really didn’t work for me this week. Lazy fan service and the awkward interaction where Klaus walks into Grete naked in the bathroom is done so poorly that it actually ends up ruining the surprise Grete had planned late in the episode. I kept thinking, “There is no way So much time and energy would have been wasted on such a silly scene if Grete hadn’t somehow been the main focus of the episode”, so when she takes off her mask and reveals her When plotting, I’m just grateful that this show is somewhere with the characters, even if that destination is the lame love confession at the end of the episode.


The biggest problem is that not only the heroines are too good, the audience’s real passion or conspiracy , but Klaus is so Everything he does is bland and obnoxious, to the point where the show’s comedy and spy angles are starting to feel stale as well. There’s only so many times I can see one of the girls’ plots being thwarted by Klaus so that he can over-explain all the tiny failure factors he encounters. The formula is no longer popular and Desperately needs to inject some novelty in its place if it has any hope of crossing the finish line. screenshot_20230304_082031_hidive screenshot_20230304_082031_hidive This is where you’d think a ruthless assassin named Corpse would add at least some sort of Spices up the recipe, but after that choppy opening scene, the episode doesn’t really have much to say, except Klaus and everyone else can’t stop talking about how dangerous he is. We’re talking about an over-dramatic murderer whose name comes from literally looks like a dead body; it’s staple material for the silly hell anime Bullshit, and it’s here! I hope can embrace this Spy camp of everything, and start the Mission Impossible shenanigans soon, because otherwise I might just doze off the last few episodes of the season. Rating: screenshot_20230304_082031_hidive is currently playing on HIDIVE. screenshot_20230304_082031_hidive

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